Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lessons from Ellie.

Ellie is the type of child that waits until she can do something confidently before she tries a task.  She is determined and/or stubborn, depending on if her determination is making her work hard to accomplish a task or avoid trying altogether.  Ellie has strong likes and dislikes.

Learning takes Ellie a bit longer than other kids.  She's smaller, she has low tone, she works harder to accomplish the same things.  Every single time this fact starts to make me sad, she does something to make me proud.  And make me laugh.  And drive me crazy.

If you read this blog, or if you know me at all, you know I'm big on early literacy.  We read books, we use Baby Signing Time and See and Learn, we "write" with chalk, etc.  Yesterday, Ellie was a bit fussy after dinner, so we opened up her new chalk.  I wrote a big letter "E" and pointed to it, saying, "Ellie, look, an E!"  She signed "eat."

According to my cousin, since "eat" starts with "E," it's okay.

Don't know why she is making this face, but it makes me laugh.

With Ellie, everything is one little step at a time.  She is enjoying walking a little bit more, so we are able to practice more.  Ellie still isn't standing on her own, using just one little finger to hold onto the coffee table, a parent, or even a wall.  She'll practice walking with Matt or I holding her hands in the baby pool, but only if we're headed for the edge.

Little steps.  Little steps.  Little steps.

Of course, after physical therapy yesterday, I opened my email to find my marathon training plan for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  My goal is a big personal record.  My eyes instantly went to the hardest, longest workout, a 22 mile run in October.  I didn't even glance at this week, which has much shorter, much more doable workouts listed.

Note Ellie's leg-art.  Why draw on the sidewalk?

I do the same thing with Ellie.  I look at walking, because it's so obvious and such a "big" milestone, but I often forget to look at other little things.  She wants to play upright on her feet.  She's making friends.  She's bear crawling.  She's climbing stairs.  Her signing and even the beginnings of speech are developing beautifully.  She's a charming person, sometimes overly so.

Ellie won't enter kindergarten still bear crawling, so I don't know why I worry so much.
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  1. Yep, and one step at a time :) She is doing very well!

    Ellie and Calvin are not in it to win it but to enjoy the ride, which is just as, if not more, valuable. (I'm preaching to the choir - it's a reminder to myself too)

  2. Thanks for this. I needed it. My Tobin is 3 months old. We just finally got EI going. I was so down-hearted yesterday thinking of where we need to go rather than enjoying where we are (recurrent theme in my life). I appreciate the reminder.

  3. I appreciate this post. I have been struggling with this a lot lately. Isabelle is now 13 months and she is pretty stubborn. I just want her to move on her own. This helps me to remember the things she is doing and be proud.

  4. This was a good reminder for me. I need it right now.

  5. Our Bridgie, started walking on her own recently at 2 years 2 months. Now, at 2 1/2 years she is storming and racing around and it is hard for me to keep up! I felt the way you do for a long time, when will she walk, when will she walk, and the answer is when she is ready. AND when she IS ready, you better have those running shoes on!!!!! Lovely post.


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