Friday, July 27, 2012

From Ellie.

Dear Grown-Ups,

My mommy has been a slacker.  She is writing about all kinds of stuff, like 876129829548 pages about how to teach me counting.  Clearly, I can count to 876129829548, so she is wasting her time.  That valuable time could be way better spent by writing about me!

Don't worry, I'm here, and I will give you the update.

Yesterday, I went to see my doctor.  He's just a regular doctor, not a heart doctor or an eye doctor or any kind of special doctor.  He said that I am 19 lbs. 7 oz, which made my mommy happy.  I am also 28 inches, so be careful, I am getting huge.  He mentioned that I should "even out" once I start walking.  I hope he wasn't calling me fat.  I don't think he was.  I hope not.

Mommy said he wasn't.  Good.

Also, I decided that for real, I do not like push toys.  I only like to walk with my parents holding my hands.  Sometimes I make them hold both hands.  Sometimes I make them hold one hand.  I like to change my mind a lot.  Yesterday afternoon I didn't want to walk that much, because of that doctor issue.  Do you know what happened at the doctor?

As soon as my nice doctor left, a lady came in and put on blue gloves.

Babies, if you see someone put on blue gloves, run!  She poked each leg hard and I almost escaped, but she held me down.  Mommy let her.  The lady with blue gloves gave me Snoopy Band-Aids, but that doesn't make it right.

I've been learning a lot.  I can identify a bus (and a truck, and a van, both of which should fit into the bus category.)  I can identify bubbles.  I don't know what's wrong with my mommy, but she can't always tell the difference in what I say.  "Buh!" means bus.  "Buh!" means bubbles.  Just because the sign looks the same to Mommy doesn't mean I can't tell the difference between a bus/van/truck and a bubble.  Bubbles disappear when you catch them.  Busses are big and loud.  I think it's obvious.

My other new trick is to "mooo!" like a cow.  But Mommy says I actually "booooo" the cows.  Again, Mommy needs to work on listening.

Oh, did Mommy tell you about my teeth?  They're crazy!  I have two bottom middle teeth.  I have one top right molar.  I have one bottom left molar.  And I'm getting one bottom right molar.  Babies, if you are teething, you should try eating socks.  They are my favorite thing to use for teething.  Mommy says "oh, gross!" but Mommy can't tell the difference between a bus and a bubble, so I wouldn't trust her judgement all the time.

Finally, something very important.  My mommy said that my Kelly is going back to college instead of watching me.  My Kelly is awesome and I love her so much that I forget to say "bye-bye" to Mommy when she leaves me with my Kelly.  Maybe I should go to college with my Kelly?  I wonder if I could sneak out?

Attention any other babies Kelly may consider watching in the future:  MISS KELLY IS MY KELLY.  Back off.

My mom took this on her phone.  I wanted to be part of this giveaway!

Happy Weekend!
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  1. If Davis could sign or talk, he'd take issue with said claim on Miss Kelly John. She's pretty awesome - definitely worth fighting over!

  2. Megan, I mean Ellie you make me laugh out loud, I love your post.

    Love Aunt and GreatAunt Herbie

  3. Oh, Ellie! You and Miss Hailey have a lot in common right now. She does know that socks are awesome when teething. I have a hard time understanding Hailey's "Buh"...apparently it could be bottle, brother, bye, book, ball....ah! Keep up the good work Ellie!

  4. My Levi would agree that socks are the best for teething! And he would agree that there is definitely a difference between that big ol' bus and really, really cool bubbles!

  5. Ohmygosh, I was seriously cracking up reading this!! So you can't tell the difference between a bus and a bubble, huh? LOL!!! I always wish I could write as Samantha, but somehow it always falls flat - you've got it down!!


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