Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July and Some Phone Photos.

First of all, a final dose of California photos, from my phone:

My dad and Kim take Ellie on the merry go round.

Just a few California Instagram photos.  And what's up with no longer being able to copy/paste from Instagram?

And..... The Fourth!  Ellie celebrated Independence Day with her first neighborhood parade.  Last year, we were a little too late.  This year, we joined with the neighborhood in the three block parade of festive strollers, wagons, and bikes as we headed to the community center for free ice cream, early morning hot dogs (gross), and social time.

Power outage aftermath, some shots of the Fourth, a very toasty run, and a baby with jet lag.

Afterward, we hit the pool with some friends to cool off.  Ellie and I did a second dose of pool time in the afternoon, followed by a cookout and wandering to a local school to catch a glimpse of fireworks in the distance.  To those who watched from Iwo Jima or the National Mall - I am impressed.  It was a hot day and I had no desire to stand in a crazy line!

First ice cream bar = WIN.

Many neighbors bring their dogs to the parade.  These guys brought fake fish, because "it's too hot for real fish."

Bike decor.

Proud to be an American.

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration for the Fourth, that you got to grill out, watch some fireworks, or laugh at a baby who falls asleep at parties.  (And who cycles through no less than three festive outfits.  I'm impressed I found three outfits that were not pink!)

And finally, what Ellie has been doing on these lovely 100 degree humid days...

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