Friday, July 13, 2012


She's on the move. The past 24 hours have featured a lot of hard work and some celebrations.  Ellie wants to be able to move around like a big girl, and we're pretty dang proud.

Happy Friday to us!

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  1. Oh, I am melting! She is so darn cute! Look at her go. I'd be dang proud too!

  2. Woo! Go, Ellie! I remember the other day when you said that she was not interested in the push toy EI lent you. Sammi got one from our PT, too, and showed no interest for a while, either, but then, magically, it became her friend. :-) She's on the perfect path!

  3. That's AWESOME! She's also doing some great babbling! Loved these videos!!!! Definitely cause for celebration.

  4. Love when she claps for herself, what a sweetie!

  5. Thumbs up....great job Ellie! You go girl!

  6. Oh so sweet! I love seeing the videos! She is such a character!


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