Thursday, July 5, 2012

California Adventures Continued

It's Ellie here again.  My mommy said that there's just too much to write about California, and she needs help.  Also, she said that she is busy throwing away food from the power outage.  But that's another story.

So Mommy left off with the end of our trip to Sea World, but she forgot to tell you that the food at Sea World is way better now, and I kept eating watermelon.  I love watermelon.  That was all I wanted for lunch.

After Sea World, we went to a hotel with Grandma Sally and I got to crawl around a lot.  In the morning, we had breakfast at the hotel and I waved to everyone.  I love waving to everyone.  Then, we went to La Jolla Shores.  My mommy said later that she's glad we went when we did, because a few days later, Grandma texted her about a shark!  I think Mommy is silly, because I liked the sharks in Shark Encounter, but I guess I'm not supposed to swim with them.

(Grandma is proud that she took this photo!)

I like naps that are not in my crib.
 I practiced walking at the beach with my daddy and we walked around the little shops and stuff.  Then, Mommy and Daddy said we were getting back in the car.  I was really tired of cars, so I screamed loud for a long time.  Then we ate lunch, and I was happy.  I thought we could just stay at Panera, but my parents put me back in the car, so I screamed more.

Eventually, we got to the Inland Empire.  I don't know why it is an empire.  We stayed with Mommy's friend Greg across the street from Mommy's old house.  That was awesome, because there's a baby there named Niko.  Niko and I played.  Then, we went to a cookout at another friend's house.  All those friends look a lot alike, because Mommy says they are all related, and they are pretty much my aunts and uncles, even if they aren't really related to Mommy.  That's cool, I like aunts and uncles.  A lot of the pictures from visiting everyone were taken by whoever grabbed the camera, mostly Daddy and Natalie.

Everyone said that I am a super-tan baby and that I am very cute.  They are right.  And they gave me presents, which was funny, because it was Mommy's birthday.  And Uncle Zach's birthday, but Mommy and Uncle Zach can't wear onesies.  I liked seeing Uncle Zach.  He was drinking something from a shiny can, and every time I tried to take it, people laughed and said, "Not for 20 years, Ellie."  I just like shiny stuff.

I told Mommy to look serious, but she didn't.

Grandma said, "Ellie can't break that!"  And Uncle Zach told her to look in my hand, 'cause I had her necklace.

Thanks for having us over to grill!

We got to sing and eat birthday cake for Mommy and Uncle Zach.  Mommy said, "Ellie has been eating too much junk.  No cake!" and Daddy said, "Shh, Ellie, here's some cake, but don't tell Mommy."  I stayed up really late that night, because I like to see my friends.  We went back to Niko's house, and in the morning, we hung out with him and went to breakfast.  Breakfast is good.

Me trying to be the tannest.  I beat Uncle Zach.  And Mommy.

There's that shiny can again!  No one shares.

After we said our goodbyes, we went back to the beach!  I liked that almost every day in California, we went to the beach.  We also went to dinner with Pops and Muma for Father's Day.  The next day was Saturday, and Mommy woke up very early and ran.  Mommy and Daddy had been paddle boarding with Pops earlier in the week, but Pops wanted to take them on jet skis in the ocean, so we all went to the beach again.  Muma said she'd hang out with me and let me watch the birdies, so Mommy and Daddy and Pops all drove away on jet skis.  I played and saw a doggie and birdies and took a nap.  Mommy and Daddy came back and told me they saw a pod of dolphins swimming and some sea lions.  They made me want to drive a jet ski someday.


We met Mommy's old friend Tiffany for lunch, and tried to go to Huntington Beach, but Mommy and Tiffany said, "Parking is never this bad, ever!" and we went to Dog Beach instead.  The big people were a little sad about the switch to Dog Beach.  Well, let me tell you, those big people are crazy!  Dog Beach is amazing!  I kept showing Daddy all the dogs while he carried me.  He was not paying enough attention, so every time I saw a doggie, I pointed and yelled "Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah!"  I didn't want Daddy to miss any doggies.

We went back to Pops and Muma's house and we ate dinner and I got sleepy.  I didn't sleep a lot in California because there was no way I wanted to miss any fun.  There was a lot of fun.  Sunday was our last real day in California.  We went to the beach early so Daddy could run on something flat and so Mommy could walk around.  While Mommy and I were in a store, we saw baby Tom's.  I signed "shoes" and Mommy bought me pink shoes!  Babies, this is why sign language is very, very important!  Mommy and Daddy were also making a lot of calls because they said our house had no power and would be too hot for me.  After Daddy's run, Mommy and Daddy were making more calls to more friends with no power.  A lady called out "Megan!" and Mommy turned around, even though her name is Mommy, not "Megan."  Mommy said it was one of her best friends from when she was very little!  Isn't that cool?  So Mommy and Patti hugged and talked in high voices and were all excited.  Mommy called Grandma to tell her, and Grandma was all excited, too.

Then we met up with both of our friends.  We had yummy breakfast with one friend, and we went to the park with another friend.  We met Pops and Muma at a merry-go-round that day, too.   I am normally a very brave baby.  I am not afraid of swinging high.  I am not afraid of sharks.  I am not afraid of gravity.  (OK, I am a little bit afraid of loud noises and elevators.)  Well, I decided that I do not like the merry-go-round.  I held onto my Pops very very very very tight.  He saved me from that merry-go-round.

Our story should end with me telling you that we flew home and went home, but that's where this power outage comes into play.  Mommy and Daddy said we would be extending our trip by one day, and very close to home.  Our friends at home have a baby I got to play with, but I couldn't go to my own house because there was no air conditioning.  The next day the power came back, and Mommy said we could go home.  So we did.

And that is the end of vacation!  I hope you liked learning about California.

What is your favorite vacation, babies?  Where should I go next?
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  1. "This is why sign language is so important!" Love it.

  2. Ellie, this makes me so excited for our family vacation! We will be driving for around 60 hours total and visiting nine states. I hope that Ben has as awesome a time as you did. If he starts yelling every time we get in the car, we're in trouble. Do you like the car now? Ben is disappointed because our trip does not involve any beaches. Just a lot of flat midwestern land. He also wonders what the big deal is with shoes. Dogs, on the other hand, are awesome. Welcome back!

  3. Oh Ellie I love your outfits! You are so beautiful, sweet girl! I also love the pictures your mama took of you sleeping on the beach. I like to sleep on the beach, too. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! Wow! And amazing work on the walking, Ellie. Do you think there's anything you can say to Cora to encourage her along? I think I may need to change her blog to Another Stubborn Little Miss.

  5. You are my favorite baby : )
    This was too perfect for words.
    Thank you for keeping it real.
    You are exceptional!

  6. Ellie - it looks like you had a great time!!! I can't believe just how blond your hair is. The pictures are beautiful! It looks like everyone had a very good time - I bet everyone loved having you all come visit. Bella says the beach looks neat and she can't wait to go (not to CA though) later this summer.


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