Friday, June 8, 2012

Some Ellie Opinions, a Wagon, and a Phone Dump.

I'm fairly certain Ellie was born with strong opinions.  Some recent Ellie loves and serious dislikes are as follows.

Loves: Swinging really high.  Swimming in the big kid pool.  Being thrown into the air in the pool.

Hates: Elevators.

Loves: Banging her drumsticks on the coffee table and making a racket.

Hates: The sound of nose-blowing.  She cries.

Loves: Swiss cheese, Falafel, Curry.

Hates: Apple juice.

Loves: The Wagon.

Hates: Napping in her crib.

New Love: Napping in the wagon.

After a quick trip to the pool on Thursday that was thwarted by rain, Ellie fell asleep on the 400 meter walk home.  And she slept hard.  In the wagon.  In the front yard.  Lucky for her, the rain stopped and the temperature was perfect.

She chose the five o'clock hour for her nap, which happens to be when everyone in our courtyard is coming home.  She had lots of visitors, but hardly stirred.  Until a neighbor came over and wanted to play.

This smart kid knows a good thing when he sees it, and there was no way he could accept a wagon being used for a nap when it could be used to push, pull, or ride.  Ellie was okay with that.

Happy Friday, and happy "Friday Phone Dump" where you can see some of my Instagram photos.  Should the urge strike you to follow along on Instagram, I'm "meganlando."  I stole this idea from Kelle.

(Note from kids, first pizza pic from Sammi's grandpa, Matt pulling Ellie, riding an alligator, early morning wakeup, early morning wakeup juice, watermelon salad, cute kid.)

Cheers to the weekend!  I have a 10K scheduled and a lot of pool and friend time.  Any big plans for any of you?

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  1. Outdoor pool time sounds so fun. We always go indoors. Probably good for the area we live since outdoor pools get so little use. And good for my see through pale UV ray sensitive little Beanie! Love the pictures!

  2. I still can't believe she fell asleep in that short ride home! LOL! Too funny!

  3. She is adorable... don't you love that folded over flower position :)


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