Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday in the Summer.

Technically, summer in our county begins on Friday.  (As a teacher, I judge summer by the day students finish the school year, not by that pesky calendar date labeled "First Day of Summer.")  But today, we are having a summer-ish Saturday, complete with a pool visit and plans for dinner out tonight, thanks to the awesomeness of Ellie's summer BFF, Kelly.


Daddy watered Ellie to help her grow.

And while I got a mani/pedi today, Ellie's newly pink tootsies win for best looking feet in the family, not a difficult accomplishment with two runners for parents, but cute nonetheless.   Her first "pedicure," which was done by her mama while she slept, occurred this morning.

Finally, a sweet story for your weekend: Last night at dinner, we encountered a dad taking his three children out to dinner.  His oldest was super-friendly, and instructed her siblings to "say hi to the baby!" We both were loading up strollers to leave at the same time, and she talked with us about going to ice cream, where they live, her sister's name, etc.  As we walked away, she loudly told her dad, "Let's have a play date!"

Love it.

Enjoy the weekend.  I'm off to play with chalk and bubbles with my family.
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