Friday, June 1, 2012

Phone Dump, a Great Link, and Love.

Friday is here.  Ellie and I have fallen into a pretty sweet "after work" routine this week which involves changing into bathing suits and going straight to the pool.  She's had a bit of a stuffy nose and hasn't been into therapy that much this week, but she's loved sitting in a floatie in the big pool.

A few little highlights from the week:

The new gate for the stairs arrived.  Ellie hates it.

Ellie has what I'd consider three word approximations these days.  Try to find the theme:

"Duck" (Pronounced A-Duh!, possibly due to Mommy saying, "Look, A DUCK!")

Notice what's missing from that list... grrrr....

Friday wouldn't be Friday without the phone photo dump:

(Pretty much all pool related, aside from Ellie "feeding" her baby, Ellie and me at Claire's baptism, and a great story.)

An article kept popping up on my Facebook feed yesterday.  Mia's story is amazing.

And finally, I'm holding Ellie tight today.  One of our friends through the online Down syndrome pregnancy group should be celebrating his first birthday with his family today, but instead, he's celebrating in heaven.  Will you say a special prayer for his family and a special prayer of thanks for his life today?
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  1. I can't get a "mama" to save my life either. She say's dada, baba, and gaga's. That is great that she is able to recognize and say a few words. What has helped her? I am currently trying to set up an appointment with a speech therapist and would love some tips until then.

    1. Tricia, we love our SLP. Ellie had consult for the first six months (just one session) and then monthly, and at 13 months we started every other week Speech Therapy. We work a LOT on imitation skills - including imitating motor skills. Miss Lisa, if you're reading this, can you share tips please??

  2. Mama will happen. And when it does watch out.


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