Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Walking and Motivation.

There's a joke in the Down syndrome community that if you want your kid to work on a skill, tell everyone they can't do it.  I wrote this post a week ago to publish automatically:

Ellie is nearly 16 months old and doesn't walk.  While typical for kids with Down syndrome, this sets her apart from her typically developing peers.  Her non-walking combined with her small stature leads a lot of people to assume she is much younger.

At the pool, I often hear "Be careful for the little baby."  I have to tell other parents that Ellie can play rough too, that she's just little and not walking, but is very much becoming a toddler.

Ellie may not feel the need to walk.  The other day, as Ellie stood on the edge of the baby pool, she was surrounded by no less than SIX big kids playing with her.  (And dumping water on her.  Because that's the game of choice right now.)  My heart smiles in those moments, when I know that at least for now, Ellie is exactly where she needs to be socially.  I love walking to the pool and hearing "Ellie's here!"

Why walk when you have adoring fans?


Update, June 25: While we were in NYC, Ellie started to walk with assistance, with Matt holding her hands.  This wasn't "real" walking, but it was Ellie-powered and Ellie-driven.  We couldn't be prouder of the munchkin.  Maybe we had to drag her away from her adoring fans to convince her to give walking a try?

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  1. Yea for Ellie. And I see you were wearing your styling shoes. :-) She looks like she's getting so big!

  2. Oh, I had to tell you... I had to recommend those same styling shoes to a friend whose done doesn't have the ankle strength to stand for very long. She was surprised they still made them. :-). But next time I saw him, he was wearing them too. I think they're make a style come back.

  3. Yay, Ellie! She needs to have a chat with Hailey. She finds her brothers too helpful and crawling is faster :-)


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