Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Father's Day Love.

Today is Father's Day.  My mommy thought about writing something nice to Daddy and Grandpa and Pops and Great-Pops, but I said, "Mommy, you make breakfast and I'll blog."  So this is Ellie coming to you LIVE!  Or just writing.  Or something.  But Mommy is helping me with the pictures, since some of them are kind of old, like before I was big and ONE.

You see, I have some special notes to share.

Dear Uncle Mark, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Zach,

I know that you are not dads, but still, you are all my uncles, so Happy Father's Day.  I like that you guys can spoil me but never have to tell me when I'm being bad, you can just give me back to my parents.  Also, I'm impressed that none of you has ever changed my diaper.  Good call, guys, good call.

Dear Great-Pops,

I know I haven't gotten to meet you yet, but I know that my mommy sends lots of pictures so you can see me!  She tells me stories about you and says that you are very nice and that we want to see you.  She says that you have taken lots of cool trips to places all over the world.  I love you a whole lot and I see your picture so I know who you are.  Have a wonderful Father's Day, Great-Pops!  And Mommy says to tell you Happy Father's Day from her, since you are her Pops.  But you are my Great-Pops, because you are great.

Dear Grandpa Allen,

Happy Father's Day!  Guess what I love about you Grandpa?  You think I'm perfect, even when I'm being naughty right in front of you!  Mommy and Daddy say, "Ellie, stop that!" and you say, "Isn't she just the greatest thing?"  Grandpa, thank you for knowing that I am the greatest thing.  You are pretty great, too.  Grandma also told me that you tell everyone you know how great your granddaughter is.  Thanks.  (Daddy would probably add a special note to you, but Mommy said we aren't showing him this blog until after she hits "Publish" because part of it is for him.)

Dear Pops,

You are super fun.  I am pretty excited to go to the beach with you.  I love you a whole lot, and I love that you also think I'm pretty awesome.  It must be a grandpa thing.  I really like hanging out with you, and I am happy I get to do that soon.  Mommy wants me to tell you thanks for being a good dad, too.  She also wants me to tell you "No thank you" to your offer to buy me chocolate and marshmallows.  But I'm not going to deliver that message.


Dear Dada,

Happy Father's Day!  Thank you for being the best Daddy in the universe.  I was thinking, Daddy, that you learned a lot since last Father's Day.  See, last year I was just a little munchkin, but now I can crawl and climb stairs and cause trouble, so I wanted to let you know that I am aware of the new tricks you learned.

You can:
* Install a baby gate
* Sort of put baby hair in a ponytail (but this causes you a lot of stress)
* Wrestle a baby into a pool floatie
* Wrestle a baby into footie jammies that have at least 841792347 snaps
* Leap tall buildings in a single bound
* Sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with hand motions
* Run with a BOB without being scared of hurting me
* Assemble a wagon (which is way harder than it looks)

You are a pretty talented Daddy!  I'm so glad you are my Daddy and that I am your Ellie.  I hope you have a super-fantastic day today.

I love you, Dada!

And Pops, and Grandpa, and Great-Pops!  And all my uncles!

Love, Ellie

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  1. Ellie, I hope you give all those special men in your life extra big hugs and kisses. You are a very good writer and I hope you continue to take over the blog. :-)

    My little giro has an awesome daddy too. Guess you two are not only extra special, but extra lucky too. Have a good Fathers Day! Make sure daddy shares any special treats.


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