Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Learning to Walk.

Don't get too excited, Ellie isn't walking yet.  She is, however, taking very supported steps as I pull or push the wagon and she "pushes" with me.

Before you worry about Ellie's distress, you should be aware that she does this "fake cry" with every new skill - sitting, crawling, straw cup, and pulling to a stand all featured Ellie's loud complaints.  She kept at the "walking" and I think the wagon will be a great tool in helping her take steps.

Grumpy is also teething.  Ellie has her two front teeth.  They're crooked and sharp, but still adorable.  Seems that Ellie also has the beginnings of a molar, which I learned when I reached my finger into her mouth to swipe whatever random item she'd decided was a snack.  The next day, she was unhappy and chewing on two thumbs, one on each side, so I fear we may be working on two new molars.

Poor Ellie, I've been putting teething gel on her top front teeth, unaware that her pain was in back!

Here's to a less painful day from those darn teeth.
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  1. Awwww, poor Ellie!! LOL Teeth are a good thing. :-) Sammi, for some reason, never showed much distress at teething, so we never needed any gel or other stuff. Just a little bit of hand-chewing, and that was it. Here's to smooth, pain-free tooth-growing!

  2. Poor thing! Teeth don't seem to bother Hailey much...she's cutting 6 at the moment. Thanks for the wagon idea. I never gave it a thought for walking...hmmm, I think we might have to try it. I love her fake cry :-)


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