Monday, June 4, 2012

Fifteen Months.

Dear Blog Readers,

Normally, when I turn a month older, my mommy writes me a letter.  Today, I thought I'd write to everyone and tell you what this month has been like for me.

First of all, my biggest accomplishment this month is the stairs.  I can climb them now.  My parents and my physical therapist and my case manager and my friends and everyone kept saying, "Ellie, learn to climb the stairs."  I learned.  And a few days later, a big box came in the mail and Mommy said to Daddy, "That's the gate!" and the next morning I woke up and there was a jail on our stairs.  Now I can only climb stairs when Mommy or Daddy is right behind me or when they forget to close the gate.

Our pool opened this month.  I decided that the baby pool is too cold, and also that I'm a big kid.  I don't like the baby pool, just the grown up pool.  I like to ride in my friend Lily's raft that she let me borrow last summer.  Back then, I was too little but now I fit!  I like to splash.  And splash.  And make big people throw me up and down in the water.  I love our pool.

This has been a month of discovery for me.  I discovered watermelon.  It's red and juicy and it stains everything but that's okay because it's tasty and I don't do laundry yet.  We had a party in our neighborhood this weekend and all the kids my age ate a lot of watermelon.  My favorite foods are a tie with watermelon and yellow curry with tofu and cheese.  And cake.  And pizza.  And falafel.  I like falafel because I like to smash it and throw it and sometimes eat it.  And always smear it on the table.  Yum.

One thing you should know is that I'm very spiritual now that I'm fifteen months old.  I like church a lot, and I sing along with the hymns.  When the pastor starts to talk, I try to talk along with him, and my mom says, "Shhh, Ellie, I want to hear the sermon" and I tell her the sermon but she still says "Shhh!" and then takes me outside where I get to see all the ladies who set up coffee and tell me I'm cute.  Church is awesome.  Oh, and we went to a Simchat Bat (that's a Jewish baby girl's naming ceremony) this weekend too, and I tried to sing along with the rabbi.  I think at all religious events, my mom has to say "Shhh."

I am still working on walking, but I am getting good at cruising and getting more confident.  I'm really good at crawling, so I don't see what the big deal with walking is anyway.  I will cruise for Kix.  I like Kix.  And I'll cruise for anything fun like cords or paper or the plastic bag from the newspaper that says "Keep away from small children."  My mom and dad take all that good stuff away, because they are mean sometimes.

My favorite toys are my shape sorter and elephant ball popper.  You see, when I was little, a long time ago, my mommy and my physical therapist said that I needed to learn "voluntary release" and I said "no way!"  But in the past month or so, I decided that I like to release things.  I like to put my circle in my shape sorter, and sometimes, I like to try to put the triangle in the circle, too.  That doesn't work yet, but someday, I will make the triangle fit.

I also like learning about new words.  My mom ordered me special words to learn called "See and Learn."  I have more chromosomes than most people, so I get special cards.  And I see pictures like a dog and a cat and my mommy says, "Find the cat!" and I do.  Unless there's a fish involved.  I always mess up the fish.  But I'm mostly awesome at my cards.  I can put them back in the bag when I'm done, too.

Okay friends, I better go.  That's a lot of words for a fifteen month old to write, and I'm kinda tired.  But don't worry, my mommy will keep you all updated on my adventures.  Especially if they involve stairs.  Or falafel.


Ellie L.

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  1. Thank you Ellie for your outlook on life, I am glad you like watermelon, I love it. Sorry about the "jail" gate, keep an eye on it, and when Mom and Dad forget to close it, go as fast as you can and climb as far as you can. Happy you like to sing, that is fun also.

  2. Ellie, You are so clever and very funny! News Flash: parents do silly things sometimes!

  3. Sweet Ellie, thank you for the update and please thank you mommy for all of the wonderful pictures of you!

  4. Glad you love the pool! We do too, I take my kids all the time and they never want to leave, yesterday my almost eight year old had a fit when it was time to go. Soon you will start to have fits, just wait mommy:)

  5. What a great update, Ellie. That is so nice to hear about your spirituality. I'm glad you like the elephant popper. I've been thinking of getting it for Cora. Is it worth it, do you think? Recently she got to play with a toy that let her put the balls in a hole that would shoot it out back at her feet and she loved it. But the elephant looked like that part may be a bit easy. She's getting a bit better at movement (not crawling). What do you think?

  6. Oh Ellie your love of falafel makes me love you even more.


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