Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Photo Round Up.

I'm back, but if you missed it, Ellie wrote a pretty sweet Father's Day post.

For Father's Day, I took Matt on a pre-Father's Day date.  He ate steak, because that's what guys on dates do when they're married to women who don't eat (and therefore don't cook) red meat.  After dinner, we wandered around Del Ray, munched on some carrot cake and cupcakes, and came across a great new vintage shop, where Matt got me a dress for my upcoming birthday.  (Not a sponsored post, but go "like" this Facebook page.  Amalgamated was amazing.) 

Steak + Matt = LOVE.  Yes, the focus is on the food.

We also found a store that sells comics and exotic plants.  Which I will remember next time I want to buy a nice plant and a comic book.

On Sunday, Ellie "helped" make pancakes for Matt's breakfast in bed, and after church we headed to a park in Georgetown.  Ellie played on the swings, we wandered around town, and we enjoyed near-perfect weather.  Although mid-week should have triple digits (according to the weather on my phone), today's Father's Day pool plans were cancelled.

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and we hope that all the dads and grandpas felt loved and celebrated!  From our family to yours, have a fantastic week!

Photo by Matt.

"Ellie, wanna stand?  Guess not..."

1950s handmade dress from Amalgamated.  Smile from Ellie.

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  1. Awe - Happy Father's Day to Matt! And the dress is very very cute!!! Ellie's hair is getting sooo long and blond!


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