Monday, June 25, 2012

City Baby.

Hi people who can read!  It's Ellie, and I have a lot to tell you about.  You see, my parents just took me on a special trip.  My friend had her baptism and aqiqa and birthday!  Yay!  My parents said that was triple special, so we drove to New York City to celebrate.  The drive was kind of long but I behaved really extra special good, and I learned something new on our trip:

I love New York!

When we got to Staten Island, Mommy and Daddy said we were going to take a boat.  So we parked the car and they put me in a stroller and we got on a very big orange boat.  I didn't like the noise, but then I realized lots of people were on the boat, and I like people.  I smiled at all of them and they said, "Oh, she's so cute, she looks like a doll!" and I waved like a princess.

The boat took us to a place called "Battery Park," but I didn't see any batteries.  I did see lots of people and buildings and a playground, and a guy dressed like the statue the boat passed.  My mommy and daddy said, "New York has great people watching" and I love watching people!  We had some lunch and looked around and played at a park and then we got to ride the boat again.

My mommy said, "I didn't know they were still occupying!"  I didn't get it.

For dinner, we went to see my friends' grandparents and my two friends and we ate Chinese food.  I like Chinese food.  I also like to put Chinese food in my hair, because it makes my ponytail stand straight up!  My friends and I played together and I like to play and I like friends.

In the morning, Mommy and Daddy decided to drive to Central Park.  I didn't know what Central Park would be, but I sure like parks.  Mommy was super excited because it was her first time driving in Manhattan and she parked on Central Park South.  She said I have to tell you all about that, because it's super-impressive.  I don't remember that part, because I took a nap.  I kept taking a nap while Mommy and Daddy bought bagels, but I woke up to eat them in the park!

We ate some food, and there was a race going on, by my parents didn't run in it.  I thought that was weird, because my parents are constantly taking me to watch races, but this time, both my parents hung out with me.  We walked all around, and I got to play on another playground.  I waved to all the people that we met.  New York is full of people and doggies and babies!  And they all go to the park and play.  New York is also full of squirrels and birdies and guys playing music.  I tried to climb out of my stroller to meet more people and my parents laughed.  Well, I'll be laughing at them when I figure out how to escape my stroller.

Scary bird.

My mommy claimed that we saved a lot of money with her special parking spot, so we should use that money to go to the Central Park Zoo.  At the zoo, I was happy to see the birdies.  One of the birds was a giant blue pigeon.  He was my size!  I really liked him, even though I think he might use steroids, because pigeons are not supposed to be giant like that.  Anyway, the performance-enhanced-pigeon had a friend who flew right by my head!  He had no respect for my personal space and made me cry.  But my parents took me to see a polar bear and some sea lions, and that made me happy again.

After the zoo, it was time to go to church.  I was loud, because I'm always loud at church.  We clapped for my friend!  Yay!  I love clapping and cheering.  Then we went to her grandparents' house and I spit up.  A lot.  So that was the end of vacation.  Today I feel better and that's good because more adventures await!
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  1. Hi Megan, I love when you blog from Ellie's perspective! You are becoming quite an accomplished photographer, the pix are super. It appears that you had a perfect weather weekend (but too much food! lol!)
    Ellie looks so adorable and so tan! Happy summer!

  2. You are so lucky Ellie! I am much older than you and I have never been to NYC. I see you enjoyed the Central Park swings:)

  3. This post is so cute! Ellie is so cute I can't stand it! How can she keep getting cuter and cuter! It's not possible! Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  4. Great photos, Megan! Looks like fun Ellie! Her hair is getting so light. Love it!


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