Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bubbles of the Non-Surgical Kind.

One of the most popular search terms leading people to this blog is something along the lines of "double bubble down syndrome."  This post is about bubbles, but not of the NICU/surgical repair kind.    A lot changes in fifteen months.

We're talking regular bubbles today.  The kind you buy in the summer and use a bubble wand to blow.... the kind that once caused Ellie to tremble in fear.  I'm serious.  Ellie used to freak out if anyone blew a happy little bubble anywhere in her line of sight.

Trying to help blow bubbles.  The wand was in my hand, no where near her. 


"I'll get those bubbles, Mommy!"

Fortunately, Ellie has toughened up and handles the terror.  Ellie can now sign "bubble" and does so repeatedly.  She loves to chase and pop the bubbles, and thinks they are the most fascinating creation of all time.  And on days like today, when my car displayed a temperature of 102, bubbles are the perfect baby calming tool, since the swing would have been a bit toasty.

Not only did Ellie reach for the bubbles, she also tried to hit them with a drumstick.  (She really likes her drumsticks.  She especially likes to drum on anything that's not her drum.)  She also has been trying to blow the bubbles herself, and yesterday, managed to get the wand back into the bubble container.  Bubbles can get messy around here.

Of course, bubbles (and a couple visits to the pool) can be exhausting, and for the last month or so, Ellie's developed a tell-tale sign of sleepiness.  One hand on the hair, one thumb in the mouth.

Enjoy your evening.

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  1. I love the sign off! This is serious fun to read!

  2. adorableness! I wish cal would suck his thumb, we might be happier around here!

  3. Tired Ellie is so precious!


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