Saturday, May 5, 2012

Toasty Saturday Morning.

What do you do on a toasty Saturday morning?

Well, we ate a big breakfast, walked around the neighborhood, and grabbed a few things for dinner.  I started the process of stripping the paint off a windowpane to hang in the dining room while Ellie took an unexpected morning doze, and when Ellie woke up, of course we got out the water table.

While playing at the water table, Ellie insisted for about 30 minutes straight that I keep the watering can continually sprinkling down on her hand.  If I slacked off, she let me know.  The whole thing was pretty funny, but my arm started to get sore.  Some of the other families in our courtyard got to witness Ellie's demands if I dared stop my duties to socialize.

Have I mentioned how much I  love our neighbors?  The people who, as soon as they arrived home from work yesterday, turned out their outdoor water so we could use their hose, allowing Ellie to use the water table in the grassy front area instead of on the cement out back?

Our neighbors are good people.

In totally unrelated but also awesome news, Ellie is getting ever closer to independent standing.  She pushed back from the water table and stood on her own yesterday for about three seconds, screaming.  I think she was upset that the moms were busy chatting and not giving her enough attention.  We cheered over her angry yells as she plopped down on her butt.

Must be the shoes.
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  1. Yep, toasty it certainly was. Love these pics - she's getting more and more beautiful every day. :-)

    Btw, you totally have cool neighbors. I'm so glad you've got so many little ones so close by!

  2. I'm pretty sure we need a water table. Also a kiddie pool. Sam loves the water. (two of many things we will be buying after the move.)

    BTW how far are you from I-81? And does Ellie have any plans for a play date around the 10th of June? :-)

    1. Google says it's an hour and a half.... I would just need to consult with Matt about if we can swing it!

      We were talking today about getting a neighborhood kiddie pool. Our pool opens up in a few weeks, but it's SO tempting right now!

      Email me!

  3. adorable! I wish we had some sun here!


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