Monday, May 21, 2012

Stair Stepper.

Today I picked up Ellie and came home, and changed into running clothes.  I left Ellie sitting in the kitchen while I went to fill up my water bottle, and when I came out of the kitchen, she was climbing the stairs.

Yep, on the landing at the second stair.

For a child who can hardly reach the steps, this is a huge accomplishment.

For a mama and a daddy, this is cause to invest in baby gate #2.  I'll be visiting Amazon as soon as I hit "publish" on this post.

And on an unrelated note, an Ellie photo from the weekend, which was a full, fun weekend involving a couple of parties and a long run, and also a mom who kept forgetting the camera.

How the heck do I catch that water?

Hope your week is off to a good start.  What are you enjoying this week?  Anything fun planned?

We're looking forward to the return of Jazz in the Garden, and of course chasing Ellie up the stairs.
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  1. Go Ellie, go! Good luck keeping up with that girl, Megan!

  2. Oh my goodness. She is so adorable. She melts my heart!

  3. My granddaughter Molly who is just about a month younger than Ellie has found the stairs as well. I never thought I could be so happy to have a baby climb stairs. Molly and Ellie, you both ROCK! Now the mommies need to buy a gate ASAP! I'm getting one for my house too.

  4. way to go ellie. as for this week i have nothing fun planned my daughter has surgery on friday to get her tonsils and adnoids out. hope you have a fun week though

  5. I don't know whether to congratulate or offer condolences... I am actually more inclined towards the latter. The stairs change EVERYTHING and you will NEVER BE ABLE TO REST ANYMORE NOW.

  6. Wow! Amaaaazing! We only *now* feel comfortable with Sammi taking the stairs by herself, but then again, we didn't have *any* stairs for her first 3 years of life. Btw, we got most of our baby gates (yes, we have lots, all still in service for one reason or another) from Craigslist...


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