Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Joy for Tuesday.

A few things that are making me happy today.

Although it's raining now, just looking at these pictures of Ellie with her chalk makes me laugh.  She was so very deliberate selecting each piece of chalk before throwing it down.  (And I hope she had fun, because as I sit drinking my coffee and listening to the rain, I'm remembering that her chalk is still outside, now a multicolored mess.)

Yesterday, Ellie found a little circular silver box containing a tiny little bracelet.  Of course, she wouldn't let me get near her with the bracelet, but the sound that sucker made when she shook the box was awesome.  Ellie spent no less than 25 minutes crawling around the upstairs, shaking her little box.  Our upstairs is not large.  She kept circling the landing, clearly afraid that her mama was about the steal her gem.  She kept looking back at me and laughing.

For the record, I eventually took it so Ellie could have a bath.  I can overpower a 17 pound baby.

This week, I've also been appreciative of the group of other moms whose children have Down syndrome.  I've appreciated the laughter and the funny text messages.  I think there's a certain level of amazing snarkiness bred from the sometimes challenging situations in which we find ourselves. 

Note: I don't think having a child with DS is particularly challenging in and of itself.  I do think we face unique challenges either medically or because of stereotypes and expectations from other people, but not from our kids.  Our kids are awesome, just like kids with 46 chromosomes.  (Or, if you're not a kid person, our kids are kind of a pain, just like kids with 46 chromosomes.  But if you don't like kids, you probably aren't reading this blog.)

My world didn't get smaller when Ellie was born.  I just got to add a group of fun "Down syndrome mommies" to my group of friends. 

And yep, those friends are on the list of things I appreciate right now. 

Now, we're just waiting for the rain to stop so Ellie and I can head out and run. 

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  1. I just love seeing her so much. With chalk : ) With flowers. With anything. That kid makes me smile from ear to ear. Thank you for sharing her!!!

  2. She is such a cutie!!! she has great taste in chalk board chalk :) Katie

  3. Love it! I've been wanting to get Cora chalk, but all the boxes have so many bright colors and I don't want to get stains (like you warned could happen.) But it's clear I better get on it soon! Glad you and Ellie are in my circle now!

  4. It's so true. I love the DS community of Mommas out there! There are some of the most supportive compassionate people I have ever met. By the way, Ella has the same little sweatshirt. Ellie is so adorable.


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