Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Rainy Day at the Zoo.

On Tuesday, Ellie and I met some friends at the zoo.  I don't know if they were new friends or old friends.

Shortly after I got Ellie's diagnosis, another mama was getting word that her little boy would have Down syndrome.  We connected via email, but met for the first time this week when she was in town.

Giant pizza play area.

Ellie and I headed to the zoo early so she could play on some giant pizza, and then we were off to hang out with Max and Paul.  I kicked off the day with a bad question, "Paul, what animal do you want to see?"  "Giraffes."  FAIL.  Our zoo has no giraffes.  Or hippos.  But it's free.  We made up for the giraffe shortage with lions and monkeys, and Paul raced a cheetah.

Seriously, Ellie?

Deep in conversation.

The mamas chatted while the kids checked out the animals and got to know each other.  At one point, Ellie began crying because we took Max away to put him back in his own stroller!

Once the rain began to fall, we headed for the drier climate of the frozen yogurt shop, where I made the mistake of ordering Ellie and I red velvet cake frozen yogurt to share.

Note the red facial accessories.  It only got worse.

I've mentioned before how much I love the Down syndrome community, and today it was wonderful to see Alysia and the kids and not talk about Down syndrome much, but to have that deep connection underlying everything.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!
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  1. I can't figure out why we have no giraffes or hippos. I was looking for the giraffes the last time we were there, last year, and they weren't there then, either. I know one had died a few years ago, but seriously? The National Zoo with out giraffes or hippos? Weird...

  2. I love this! And so cute to see Max visiting! Hi Max and Alysia!

  3. We had such a great time seeing you and Ellie yesterday! Thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent together, and for the wonderful tour of the zoo! I have to say it still surprised me to see our kids together on your blog even though I was there's like internet meets reality or something. New for me:) I have an even greater appreciation for your awesome photography skills now that I can see the vast difference between my pictures and yours! Thank you again for meeting up with us. It was a fantastic day!

  4. I agree! Amazing community of support! Love that! Katie

  5. You all look great!and it looks like you had a great time even without the giraffes. wish we could have been with you guys Nana & Nanu!!

  6. Thanks for touring my wife & kids around Megan...they had a great time. I'm glad you guys got to finally meet, just wish I could have been there too. Oh well, maybe next time. Great pictures, too...the kids look so cool together! Thanks again!


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