Monday, May 14, 2012

Picnic and Mother's Day.

We had a full weekend.

Saturday was the Down syndrome picnic for our local Down syndrome group.   I learned via facebook shortly before the picnic that an old friend would be one of the volunteers.  I hadn't seen her in at least two years, so we got to reconnect.  I love when worlds collide in unexpected ways.  Turns out this friend is now going to church with folks involved in Capernaum.  That situation alone made the picnic great, but we enjoyed the food and the company, too.  Of course, Ellie had fun seeing her buddies who share her extra chromosome.

I wish I had petting zoo pictures, but Ellie was a little clingy.  She'd reach out to grab each animal, and as soon as it looked at her, she'd practically jump into my arms.  This scene played out with a duck, a bunny, a donkey, and a lamb.  She did grab the donkey, but backed off immediately.

(Ellie and Mama upon arrival.)

(Makin' music.)

(Charlotte makin' music with great intensity.)

(Ellie meets our friend Caitlin.)

(Shaker Egg = Best musical instrument ever.)

For Mother's Day, we went to church as a family, where Matt and I alternated time in the lobby and Ellie happily babbled nonstop through the entire service.  She may get that from her mama.

Anyway, this mama headed out on a fifteen mile run after church.  Go ahead, make your statements about my sanity.  The weather was toasty, perfect for almost any outdoor activity.... any outdoor activity that isn't a lengthy run.  I'm now sporting a very attractive sunburn.

I dragged my sweaty self home to gifts, including chocolate.  One bag of dark chocolate covered passionfruit (amazing) was labeled as ten servings.  I'm sad to report that as of 7:03 pm on Mother's Day evening, at least nine of those servings are long gone, although they were delicious.

We made late brunch reservations to accommodate church and the run, meaning we ate at 2:15, so I'll admit that "brunch" was really a "late lunch," but it was delicious and Ellie was an angel.

(Just Matt.)

(Discovered a new candy store with some crazy chocolate.  We picked some up for friends.)

(I like Alexandria Cupcake a LOT.  I was on a junk food kick.)

We wandered Old Town, and didn't do much of anything other than hang out together.  We ate, we laughed, we were amazed that Ellie stayed wide awake other than a quick snooze during the two block walk from the car to the restaurant.

Oh, and despite the giant lunch I ate, and the huge amount of chocolate covered passionfruit, I also got a cupcake.  Because on Mother's Day, moms can randomly walk by a cupcake shop and "need" a mint chocolate cupcake.

Note: If you are ever in Alexandria, I highly suggest "needing" a mint chocolate cupcake at Alexandria Cupcake.  You won't regret it.

Here's hoping that all the moms had a great Mother's Day, that the mamas-to-be felt celebrated, and that everyone had a chance to love their own mom or whoever else mothers you.

And some extra-special love to those who are mamas to little ones in Heaven.
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  1. Great to see you on Saturday! And wow, that chocolate looks/sounds just amaaaaaazing...

  2. Is Alexandria cupcake the one with the sisters on TV? Sounds like a wonderful day. And though I have no personal experience, the last line of your post brought me to tears. You are so very thoughtful. Glad you had a great day!


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