Friday, May 25, 2012

Phone Dump.

Can you tell I'm working again?  The blog has been a little neglected.  I've also been out after work a couple days this week visiting Ellie's newest friend, because a dear friend had her baby boy on Monday morning.

(Purple chair at the froyo place, eating, my awesome lunch bag, donut machine, BABY, wagon, Ellie asleep, Ellie looking like she just got busted.)

Have a wonderful long weekend.  Our pool is opening and we've got a full schedule of fun, with more pool fun in between.

PS. I think that purple shirt is Ellie's official "wagon riding" shirt.  I realized I have three sets of photos of her wearing the same thing in the wagon!
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  1. Cute as a flipping button! Well, Ellie and the new little guy!

  2. Wow, she looks so grown up sitting in that chair!! Congrats to your friend!

    Oh, and if I go and buy a purple shirt like that, will I get to sit in the wagon, too?


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