Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Chair.

About five blocks from our house, a new frozen yogurt place opened up.  While there was already a frozen yogurt place a mile away, the new place has the advantage.

The new place is a flat walk.  The old place is a mile downhill, which means it's a mile uphill on the way home.

The new place also has cute purple baby adirondack chairs out front, and Ellie thinks they are the greatest chairs ever.  I found almost the same chair at the grocery store the other day, and bought it for Ellie so she could feel cool this summer when we eat outside, and because Matt loves seeing Ellie in her favorite purple chairs.

These photos may be involved in a Father's Day gift, so shhh.....  Also, clearly I'm confident that my husband doesn't read my blog without my encouragement.  Matt, if you're reading this, act surprised.


As I've mentioned, now that I'm back at work I'm a blog slacker.  However, if you want to discover some new reading material for the ever-increasing gaps between Ellie-filled posts, my friend Meriah is hosting a disability blog hop.  I'm supposed to tell you about my connection to disability, but I think the little girl on the purple chair is a pretty good answer.  (Along with my work as a special education teacher.)

If you're here from the blog hop, I promise to be a better blogger this summer!

Are you ready for summer?  Slacking on anything?  Planning vacations?  Eating excessive amounts of frozen yogurt?
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  1. Priceless Ellie pics. Frozen yogurt sounds great right now. Hope work is treating you well!

  2. I can't decide what's better: the dress or that tongue in the first picture? Ellie seems like such a doll.

  3. shes so adorable. i'm only ready for summer if i get some sleep lol. 5 days of barely any sleep makes for a very long week

  4. Oh, I love Ellie in that little chair!

    I am definitely ready for summer, slacking on writing the words to go with the pictures in the seven blog posts I have all ready to go, and planning lots of summer vacations!

    And we all know I am always eating lots of ice cream and frozen yogurt :)

  5. Oh she is just too sweet and pretty!!

  6. Love it! I've been searching for a chair like that for Hailey. I'm not quite sure I am ready for summer. I'm looking forward to spending time with the 3 kids together, but at the same time...that is a lot of chaos for 3 months :-)

  7. Love the chair. We love fro-yo too!


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