Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun Friends.

I've been a bad blogger for the past few days.  On Monday, the weather turned rainy, keeping us inside and free from awesome photo opportunities.  Tuesday was more of the same, and Wednesday was simply too beautiful and full to take time to sit down and put together a post.

Rainy Monday did yield some cuteness, but not on a "real" camera.  Early that morning, I received a text from a friend with two little girls suggesting some "get out of the house on a rainy day fun."  We met at a bookstore, where three little girls had a blast playing with the train table, laughing, and chasing each other around the stage.  Lily, who is about a year older than Ellie, was chasing Ellie, and best of all, keeping Ellie from running (er, crawling) away.  Cries of "I get her!  Don't leave Ellie!" left my friend and I cracking up.

Fully aware of the poor photo quality, but how cute are they!?

Parents, if you need a rainy day idea, Barnes and Noble, and especially the stage, provides awesome entertainment.  Ellie is now well-trained as Lily's minion.

Water tables make life fun.

With the return of sunshine on Wednesday came the return of the water table.  I was lazy and didn't bring out all the pieces, but Ellie poured water out of cups and played with her rubber ducky, so life was good.  The day felt like summer, with watermelon sorbet in the ice cream maker and the smell of sunblock.

Ellie and I helped a friend unpack from a recent move, then went to play with Lily and her little sister Claire, who had just gotten a new swing set.

Sorry, the photos are from my phone, but I couldn't resist sharing.

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  1. 2 babies in a swing!! Love it! Btw, is Ellie sleeping on the job there in the last photo?


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