Friday, May 4, 2012

Fourteen Months.

Dear Ellie,

Today we went to the grocery store.  You smiled.  You laughed.  You grinned at strangers and waved to them, and they were drawn to you.  A very sweet older woman approached you, and told me about a great article in the Post this week about a man who has Down syndrome.

In short, you are back to your charming self.

We normally share a free grocery store cookie, but today, I let you have your own.  Your eyes lit up and you demolished that sucker.  A rainstorm started while we were in the store, but you were unfazed, laughing at your mama running through the parking lot pushing a cart full of soggy groceries and a soaked, delighted child.

Although you aren't yet "toddling," you really are more toddler than baby.  You have strong opinions and a desire for independence.  We have a baby gate between the dining room and kitchen now.  You assert your independence whenever possible, including right now, as I can hear you not taking a nap.  You're keeping up a steady stream on conversation and fighting to stay awake rather than giving into sleep.

Ellie, thank you for the gift that you are, for your toughness, and for your humor.  We are so proud of you attempts to talk, attempts to stand independently, and your constant love for people.

Happy 14 months, Ellie!


Mommy (and Daddy, who doesn't keep up with the blog that much.)

(Friday Phone Dump idea stolen from Kelle.  I'm "meganlando" on Instagram.  This week, we have... Ellie's recovery, Ellie causing trouble, the new baby gate, playing ball, my hot date, happy baby at the doctor, my fake pool, and race results.)

PS. Happy Birthday to Pops!

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  1. Ellie is so petite! That Plum organics squeezy looks HUGE next to her! ha ha Happy 14 months Ellie!

  2. Hailey seemed surprised about the rain today...she loved it though. I've definitely lost my baby and gained a crazy non-toddling toddler! Happy 14 months, Miss Ellie!


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