Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost Famous.

Woodbine House publishes a number of books dealing with various types of special needs, including Down syndrome.  Soon, their third edition of Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome will be out.  You can preorder it here, but you can't see the new cover.

But when the book arrives at your house in June or July, you'll see a familiar smiling face on the cover... Miss Ellie.  Her friend Lily will be on the cover, too.  Lily's mom has suggested a book signing tour.  Since we don't make any money from book sales, please contact Patti or me if you want to sponsor our book tour.  Right now, we're booked for... nowhere.

Until you can buy the book (and I've even seen the older edition in Barnes and Noble, so get excited), here's some Ellie love via the Friday Phone Dump.

Ellie eating, some artwork, signing "more" for froyo, sleepy swing, happy baby, donkey, asleep next to the crib, buddies.  Friday Phone Dump shamelessly copied from Kelle.  If you want a sneak peek, follow "meganlando" on Instagram.

And as part of your Ellie fix, this is how Ellie deals with difficult shape sorting situations.

If the orange star is simply too difficult, give up and go get a circle.  Circles are easy.
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  1. Yayyy love it! I think you should have a book signing, too. Ellie will sign books in blue chalk, right? ;)

    1. Taylor, I like where you're going with this....

  2. HAHAHAHA let me know when we're fully funded !!! :)

  3. Ellie is so cute, how fun that she will be on the book!

  4. Hii I just found your blog yesterday and I love it I am from Venezuela and down here blogging is not comon at all so its nice to read what other moms are doing with their babies I have a seven month old boy who was born with down syndrome.... Ellie is such a beautful girl and she is doing awsome congrats...


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