Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Time.

We had a busy week, and the weekend promises to be pretty full, too.  Sunday is going to be packed, because Matt has a race followed by the banquet for Young Life Capernaum. I'm super excited about the fundraiser, because not only do I love Young Life and love kids with special needs, I love love love the guy who is speaking.  But you'll have to wait for an update there until Sunday night or Monday.

You can give to Capernaum online here

Since this weekend is supposed to be rainy, I think we'll be headed outside today to swing and play with chalk, and maybe even the water table before the weather sends us inside. 

(You can feed my Instagram addiction by following "meganlando."  And see that four-leaf clover?  My aunt finds them all the time.  It's her superpower.)

And now, some random fun to start your weekend:

Ellie's new game: As a result of improved pulling up to stand, Ellie has a new game.  She calls it "Stand at the coffee table and throw everything on the floor."  I call it "No more coffee allowed on the coffee table after a close call."  She's really into dumping things out and emptying things.  My favorite, pictured above, is Ellie dumping out Matt's wallet as he paid bills.  She went straight for the credit cards.

Ellie's favorite books: While Ellie enjoys typical baby board books, when left to her own devices, she tends to pull out either economic texts or literacy books.  Yesterday it was a book on teaching reading comprehension.  The day before, it was something of Matt's that looked boring to me.  Currently, the Hunger Games is sitting on the coffee table untouched.  I do not understand her taste. 

Mommy wants to be Dean Karnazes: Do you know about Dean?  He's a crazy and awesome ultrarunner.   He's known for eating pizza while in the middle of long (like 300 mile long) runs.  While I am nowhere near his level, Ellie and I did run a mile to the store to buy frozen pizza yesterday.  Then we ran home and ate pizza.  (Ellie rode in the stroller, she didn't actually run.  We'll work on walking first.)

Have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Fun. I love the new banner too! Wish we could borrow some of your sunshine. But I'm really shortsighted. I just realized we DID have like 1 day of sun in the past 12 or so.

  2. She is such a cutie!!!!! I like your running style! that would totally work for me!

  3. Dean Karnazes is a beast! I love the picture of Ellie giving the camera a "what do you want?" look.


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