Monday, April 16, 2012

Water Table Love.

Ellie is a little bit sad today, because all her aunts are back home and she's stuck here.  Hopefully 90 degree temperatures and a little more water table time will cheer her up this afternoon.

We had a wonderful family visit.  We laughed.  Everyone doted on Ellie.  Ellie was her hilarious self, clapping for everyone and grinning.

("Mom, you didn't rub the sunblock in very well!")

Before we were off to the train station yesterday, Matt made us crepes, and then we sat outside while Ellie splashed and cooled off. 

Later in the afternoon, Ellie demonstrated her artistic talents with chalk.  We learned the hard way that blue chalk stains baby clothes (consider this a public service announcement), so she only gets white or yellow now.

(Take note: Art is best as a double-fisted pursuit.)

Have a fantastic week, everyone!  If you're local, enjoy this summer weather!
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  1. I'll make a note of the sidewalk chalk situation. She's just precious! I need to meet her one of these days!


  2. Abby laughs when she sees Ellie. She likes her.

    1. Ellie needs to hang out with Abby. How is miss sicky?

  3. Adorable. So adorable! And thanks for the PSA!

  4. Ellie is so beautiful!!! Look at her! Just love the photos! Maybe some day Joey will get to meet her!


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