Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thirteen Months.

Dear Ellie,

I'm not sure how long I'll continue to write these little monthly updates.  I suppose 18 months seems like a good age to stop, so I'll keep going until then.

("Mama, why do you accuse me of eating all the Greek yogurt?")

("Not like I have evidence of your yogurt on my face or anything.")

This has been quite a week.  On Monday, I realized I'd scheduled your eye appointment later this week.  I thought it was Tuesday.  I moved your shot for Tuesday back to the very last appointment, to give us time to get your eyes checked. Then I called the eye doctor to learn that your eye appointment is today.  Whoops.

You were tough for your shot, but you've learned that sitting in a diaper on white paper at the doctor's office leads to getting pricked.  You tried to escape as soon as the nurse donned her gloves, but you stopped crying within a few minutes.  I wish I was tough like you.

Ellie, you continue to entertain us.  Your comedic timing is developing.  This week, Daddy had the crazy idea to hold you while he ate.  As soon as he looked up, you grabbed a handful of his curry and shoved it in your face.  You laughed.  We laughed at you, which I'm sure is just encouraging such behavior.  The same night, Daddy was handing you to the sitter and you spit up right in his face with a big smile.

We need to stop laughing at your troublesome ways in front of you.

You are still tiny, weighing in at just sixteen pounds and sleeping in size 3-6 jammies.  We got a bunch of size 6-9 pairs, thinking you'd surely outgrow the old jammies soon.  However, last night you fit comfortably in your Christmas fuzzy jammies, so I guess we need to feed you milkshakes or Clif bars or something to help you grow a little.  Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you some nice fattening candy.

The nurse who weighed you asked if you've been more active lately, and the answer was a huge "Yes!"  Last night, you sat on the floor between the edge of Mommy and Daddy's bed and the nightstand.  You pulled up on the bed, cruised one step to the nightstand, and fell dramatically on your bottom.  You repeated your exercise at least six or seven times before you were exhausted.

You still don't like to voluntarily release anything, but you are able to remove objects from boxes.  Sometimes your cognitive abilities outstrip your fine motor skills, and you shake and slam boxes to remove your desired object - usually a graham cracker or Cheerio. 

You are babbling more.  Sometimes, I look right in your eyes and ask, "Ellie, can you say 'Mama?'"  You stare right back with a look of total concentration and respond, "Dada."

We love you, our tiny little munchkin!

Love, Mommy
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  1. What a sweet little update! She really has gotten tiny! Cora's in 12 month jammies and has been forever, but I think it's her long waist that does it. And you can tell Ellie that she calls me Dada too!

  2. Awwww. :-) Dada was the first in our household, too. I guess we can allow our men that brief little bask in the sun...

  3. Oh such a sweet sweet girl. Hoping you don't tire of monthly updates.

  4. Oh, are doing the same thing Hailey does. Hailey likes to add a little cackle after she says "Dada" in case I wasn't annoyed enough. She is quite the little peanut. Hailey is turning into quite the porker at almost 17 1/2 lbs...and she's like Cora in 12 month pjs...she has a long torso. Giving toys up is not fun mom...she might not get it back :-)

  5. Dada was the first word in our house for both of our kids (jack is 11 and Ellie is 9). What is funny about this first word choice is that we are a 2 mommy family!! So dada was not ever coached to come from our kids.


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