Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When we got Ellie's Down syndrome diagnosis, there were a few stereotypes that concerned me.  I don't know where I got all my stereotypes, and I know that with my special education background, I had a clearer picture of Down syndrome than many parents with a new diagnosis.  Still, I worried about Ellie being bullied.

Turns out, my worries should have been about my tiny little girl bullying the boys.

Over the weekend, some of the neighbors opened their home for a pre-Easter get-together.  When we arrived, Ellie spotted our neighbor, a little boy a bit older than her, munching happily on a cracker.  She went right up to him, looked up, and signed "eat."  The adults laughed, and the little boy just looked at her.  She signed "eat" again.  I said, "Oh, that's his cracker, sweetie.  I'll get you one."

While I was getting her cracker, she snagged the half-eaten cracker our sweet neighbor was holding and stuck it right in her mouth.  I gave him the new cracker.

He's a nice kid.  Ellie might have scared him, though, because for the rest of the afternoon, he'd offer Ellie his food.

Good thing I'm not as worried about the bullying anymore, because I have another stereotype on my mind that's looking pretty hopeless.

We still have far to go to walking, but since Ellie can cruise along the couch now, we decided that she needs some shoes.  As in, real shoes, not socks with shoe designs.  Poor Ellie has short, fat feet, which make traditional infant shoes difficult to size, so we drove to a specialty store in hopes of something cute, short, and extra-wide.  My vision was some kind of shoe that defies the stereotype of kids with Down syndrome in dorky, white, orthopedic shoes.  I don't even know where I got that stereotype, because I can't think of any little girls with DS who wear dorky shoes.

Until now.

My wallet is thinner, but Ellie is now the proud owner of a pair of white, dorky, overpriced, size 2 double wide baby shoes.  (And they don't make size 1 double wide.  Otherwise, she'd have 'em.) 

Sorry, Ellie.

I hope you'll forgive me for this post when you hit middle school.  Maybe by then, you'll fit in some better looking shoes.

Ever since the shoe purchase, Ellie's been pulling out a pair of size 3 sparkly silver crib shoes and staring at them longingly.  Maybe in Kindergarten, love. 

P.S. This is when blogging comes in handy.  I am an avid reader of Pudge and Biggs.  Knowing that Pudge is too small for all bowling shoes at age three, I turned to her mom for advice.  Seems like once Ellie moves up a size, we'll have a few more options.  Thanks, Pudge (and Courtney) for your diva-licious shoe advice.
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  1. Awww cute Ellie story! Evan is a complete bully to his older brother! He commando crawls right up on him and steals his sippy cups! Lol poor Trevor... All he can do is yell out "Evan no, that's not nice"!

  2. Ellie the cracker thief, love it! Brad had dorky shoes for FOREVER because of his feet - now he rocks crocks - with socks. Ay - still dorky I guess!


  3. Just tell her you were going for Retro, classy, classic, and traditional. My very fashion forward sister bought a pair similiar for my nephew on purpose. Of course, she likes saddle shoes too.

  4. Awww hahaha I love them! They look vintage! Pair them with some over-the-socks from Target or leggings and they'll be even more adorable.

  5. Well, white does go with everything!

  6. Oh Ellie, you won't even notice, you'll be cruising so fast! We'll have to see if Cora needs something so spectacular one of these days. Not sure if she has wide feet or not, but she's still growing into her size 2s too.

  7. Love the shoes, Ellie! I think you'll be chasing after Charlotte before long!

  8. Awwww..... I think the shoes are just fine! Your daughter is so cute!

  9. We just bought Miss K the same shoes. I do like the retro/vintage look though. I wish I could find the old bell/shoelace things my mom put on mine when I was little - then the vintage look would be complete.

    I love the cracker-bullying story. Poor little guy, offering Ellie his food. :)

    1. Can you just put a little silver bell on them? I think that's what my mom did with us. Yep, we were all dorky like that. We had saddle shoes too-- because they matched everything. And because my grandma wouldn't let her have any when she was a kid. :-)

  10. That is funny! Poor little guy! and I agree with Brit, must find the bell! :) Katie

  11. The cracker story is so funny. she will rock her shoes...it will be good.

  12. Absolutely love your stories about your sweet little miss! Seeing the pictures of her shoes brought back memories of my sister who was born in 1994. Our mother died when Carrie(my sister) was 4 months old after a 3 year fight with breast cancer. My grandma helped raise Carrie and she thrived under her care. she wasnt down syndrome but she was eating a whole banana by the time she was 6 months old maybe younger but she was a chunk! She didnt fit into shoes that all the other cute babies got to wear. She had a pair of shoes quite like the ones your little one has on. Dont look at it as a stereo type of DS princesses but of healthy babies! Keep up the good job! Maybe you could bling them up a little if they are to boring? God bless you!


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