Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shape Sort and the Zoo.

Sometimes, Ellie hates her shape sorter.  Sometimes, she loves it, because she loves to take all the shapes out and throw the lid.  And occasionally, Ellie puts the circle into the circle-shaped slot and the crowd goes wild.

If the crowd isn't cheering enough, Ellie is happy to help us along.


Today, Ellie and I met some friends at the zoo...  and it was insane.  I think every school in the metro area must have been taking a field trip today.  We left in search of frozen yogurt.

The yogurt was great and loud music was playing.  While the grown ups finished eating, sweet Lily looked straight at her mommy and said, "Mama, I get down and dance now."  Her mama said, "Sure."

Lily's got moves.

Serious dance face.

Twirl until you fall down face.

Oh, and we saw some monkeys and stuff, too.  Happy Wednesday!

Baby gorillas always make me smile.

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  1. lol, she was so excited about doing that! Good job Ellie!

  2. Wow, go Ellie!!! She's got that down pat!!


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