Friday, April 27, 2012

Lucky Friday.

Yay for Ellie, we get to go to the doctor today!

Nothing bad, just an extra well-child visit before her tear duct gets un-clogged.  (I'm pretty sure there's a more technical term, but this whole thing is so minor, I haven't bothered to learn it.)

On a happier note, it's Friday!

Tomorrow is date night!  Sunday is a race!  And today is the weekly dump of all my Instagram photos from the week.

(Ellie sitting on a trampoline, orangutang, multiple Ellies in the mirror, my new rain boots, swingin', eatin', removing her hair bow before the Capernaum banquet, and playing with Charlotte.)

Ellie wishes all of you a fantastic weekend.

P.S. Matt got an iPad.  I've already had one person guess that Ellie will be taking possession of that iPad shortly.  Anyone agree?
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  1. She is the sweetest : ) I am glad the Dr. visit went well.

  2. Love Ellie in
    the mirror, your new yellow boots and at quick glance wondered WHO was on the zip line. Happy Friday!

  3. Ellie is adorable! I especially love the thumb in her mouth on the swings. And yes, I completely agree that she will shortly be taking possession of the iPad! My boys have learned that they must play iPads/iPods out of reach of Miss Katie or she will holler until they give it up to her.


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