Thursday, April 26, 2012

Physical Therapy, Friends, and a Sleeping Baby.

I took Ellie out for a run in the stroller this morning.  It wasn't raining yet, so I figured she was fine.  She fell asleep, then the rain began to fall.  Instead of heading straight back to the house, I ran in circles around the neighborhood until I hit a bump and she woke up.

That is where things went south.  I heard something that sounded like "Waaa - Maaa- Daaa- AHHH!" from the stroller, which loosely interpreted means, "I was sleeping so peacefully and now there is water falling on my feet!  What is wrong with you, Mommy, get me inside right now!  I cannot run in these conditions!  Unacceptable!"

We headed home, where I finished my workout on the bike and Ellie watched Baby Signing Time and ate a squeezy fruit pouch of strawberries and apples.  Baby Signing covers a multitude of sins in Ellie's book, so all was forgiven.

After that soggy run, Ellie and I went over to her buddy Charlotte's house for a quick visit.  I saw some of the sweetest sharing ever as Charlotte offered Ellie fruit snacks, although neither child was happy when I said "no."  I offered KIX as an alternative, which Charlotte happily shared with "baby," until Charlotte tasted one.

At that point, sharing went out the window.


Ellie's physical therapy is going well.  She's so close to independent standing, and she pulls up to a stand easily.  She has all the skills to climb stairs, but she won't climb them on her own.  I guess I shouldn't complain, because from a safety perspective, it's a good thing.  Ellie can cruise a few steps, but she's figured out that dropping down and crawling, then pulling back up is faster for her.

Ellie is currently working on clapping while standing.  The clapping is just a goal to get Ellie to balance more.  And since clapping is her favorite thing to do right now, it's working well.  Remember the blue circle in the shape sorter?  I may have overdone the cheering, because during physical therapy, Ellie would grab the blue circle, or just touch the blue circle, and applaud wildly.

She was exhausted following physical therapy.

First nap before 5 pm in three days.


It's been awhile since I updated on See and Learn and other early literacy activities.  Ellie's ability to identify objects is improving, although she still does not sign or say object names.  Occasionally she busts out with something that seems close (duh- when playing with her rubber duckies, for example) but nothing consistent.  She also learned a big concept about print and can turn the pages in her books with minimal assistance.  And she's been pointing up a storm.

Matching activities, however, are going to be put off for a few more weeks at least.  Ellie's more interested in crumpling paper than matching, and my goal is to make learning fun, so matching is out.  Ellie is able to generalize more, because we used a different set of flashcards today and she was able to pull out the pictures of "key," "dog," "swing," and "baby" when given a choice of two.  Of course, just when I thought I could start bragging, I showed her a photo of shoes and one of a fish.  "Ellie, where's the shoes?"  I signed shoes, I said shoes, and she grabbed that fish and hugged it.

Guess we need to work on that one.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Sorry about your Kix, Miss Ellie! Charlotte will work on the sharing part!

  2. She is doing great and absolutely adorable!!

  3. She is doing great! Good job mom! Why do we do that to ourselves? These kiddos show us they know something and we still question it. I do not believe Grace is talking until I video tape it and watch it 15 times have 15 other people watch it and they confirm she said it! HA! She goes to her therapist and first time she gets credit. Glad to know I am not alone :) Keep up the great work!! She is a sweetheart! Katie


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