Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday.

July, 2012: Resharing this post HERE.

I'll admit, the name "Good Friday" on the day we remember Jesus' crucifixion seems odd.  A brutal execution isn't "good."  Sad Friday, Hopeless Friday, perhaps, but Good?

In light of Easter, yes, Good Friday is good.  Good Friday recognizes that we walk through hopelessness to arrive in a place of hope.  I'm reminded that good and easy aren't the same thing.  In this broken world, there is still hope.

Today, I'm taking my baby to an appointment at the same hospital where she stayed in the NICU, and where she had her broken heart repaired.  Today, I'm remembering that good and difficult aren't mutually exclusive.

From hopelessness to hope... We'll be celebrating Easter this weekend.

Happy Friday!

(That purple guy is NOT a killer squirrel.  He's a "Peeps Pop.")
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  1. Happy Friday, and Happy Easter to all of you! Love the Instagram pics. Btw, I heard Peeps do cool things (like *grow!*) when you put them in the microwave...maybe we'll try that tomorrow...

  2. did you read Amy Julia's post on "good friday"?! It was awesome. Right up this alley:

  3. I love what you wrote about good and easy not being the same thing. Absolutely true.


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