Monday, April 23, 2012

Friends, Running, and Giving.

Before I share any current events in our own lives, two links you should check out: 

My friend Kelly (Charlotte's mama) wrote an amazing post for her own birthday about one of Charlotte's friends in the baby house.  You can read it here.

Some of you may remember some posts about Lina, who was waiting to be adopted.  She's home!

Onto our weekend...

Sunday morning, Matt ran a 10 mile race.  He did a great job.

We weren't sure how timing would work out with the banquet, but Ellie and I decided on Sunday morning that we'd go watch Matt.  Just like every other time Ellie's come to cheer one of us on, the weather was freezing.

Except for the Four on the Fourth when Ellie was four months old.  That was disgustingly hot and humid.  I hope she doesn't hate running because we keep dragging her to these things.

Of course, being a responsible parent, I brought a warm blanket for Ellie, who repeatedly threw her blanket off, onto the wet ground.  Needless to say, the blanket wound up under the stroller, because wet blankets are... well, I get where the phrase "don't be a wet blanket" comes from.

We grabbed coffee.  The line at Starbucks was out the door, but the other, really good coffeehouse across the street had no line.  I carried the stroller up the three stairs to get my coffee, and I carried the stroller back down.  In both cases, young guys were very gentlemanly and tried to help, but arrived after Ellie was already up/down the stairs.

Just so you know, steering an umbrella stroller one-handed while drinking coffee, attempting to cheer for your husband and all the other runners, and entertain a baby requires a lot of skill.  I don't have that much skill.  (That's also the reason there's no photos from the race.)

Fortunately, Matt ran a good race, so I could get Ellie home and dried off and warmed up before the Young Life Capernaum banquet.

Another race highlight from Matt.  If you run, you know that the pre-race port-a-potty lines are a nightmare that all runners simply endure.  At this race, chalk lines indicated where runners were to line up.  Apparently, the lines were being ignored until a woman with a bullhorn started directing people to the lines.

Because my husband was obedient in the port-a-potty line, he was given an orange T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Need to Pee?  FOLLOW ME!"

Yep.  That's my transition.  Onto the banquet.

The mission of Capernaum means the world to me.  Mike Ashburn spoke, and he kept repeating that our message is Jesus and our method is friendship.  What a beautiful thing for all kids, but especially kids who might not have as much access to friendships because of barriers physical or emotional or cognitive needs can present. The banquet demonstrated the beauty of the ministry beautifully, but my personal favorite moment was unscripted.

When you teach special education, you learn to be wary of the rhetorical question.  When Ash asked, "Do you believe it?" one young woman proclaimed "YES!"  I'm lucky to know this girl and her family, and I was so appreciative of her faith and her total honesty. 

The goal was to raise $50,000.  We were close.  If you want to help us reach that goal, you can click here.  And if you don't live around here, but want to get involved in your local area's Capernaum ministry, email me.  I'll figure out who you need contact.

I'll be back tomorrow with Ellie photos, and since today is speech therapy, I'm sure to have some good Ellie stories as well.
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  1. Way to go, Matt!! I know all about wet blankets being chucked under stroller wheels. Rather, one particular blanket, one that's survived hundreds of washes that still rules our lives today. Okay, that's all besides the point. Sounds like a fantastic cause!!


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