Saturday, April 14, 2012

Four Generations.

I'm from a family of some pretty amazing women.  Having all four generations together isn't very common, but I'm so happy Ellie gets to know her great-aunts.  And her great-great aunt.

(Don't my aunt and my mom look alike!?!)

("I am getting suspicious...")

We've been busy visiting the Botanical Gardens, taking Ellie to the swings, and just hanging out.  Matt and I even went on a Friday night date, thanks to the three awesome babysitters who are visiting.

We love you all, and we are so happy you came to see us!
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  1. It sounds like a special weekend. The pictures are great. (And hooray for date night! We try to go on a date anytime family visit).

  2. Lovely. And bare baby arms and legs! Hooray for nice weather. I think it's trying to get there over here. Can't wait!


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