Monday, April 9, 2012

Ellie Meets her Shadow.

My Easter morning started with a long run. 

Early on Easter morning, someone was blasting techno music from a house near the trail, and I could hear it for a half-mile.  Nothing says "Happy Easter" like techno.  On my return trip, the house was silent, and I'm thinking the neighbors must have intervened. 

Ellie was pretty good at church.  I had to take her out during the sermon, but otherwise, she played and laughed and "sang" and clapped.  When the Easter anthem began with "Christ the Lord is risen today," Ellie's face lit up and she squealed and cheered.

We grabbed takeout and went to Georgetown for a little picnic, where Ellie decided that felafel may beat out chicken curry as her favorite food.  And then, Ellie discovered that something was following her.  She decided to attack.

Yep, her shadow.

("What is that thing?  Why does it follow me?  And why does it have antennae?")

Ellie hopes you and your family had a wonderful Easter.  She also wants you to note that she's not wearing her hat in any of these pictures, because she's very good at removing hats.  One of her See and Learn card packets has the words coat, hat, shoes, and socks.  While Ellie loves her flashcards, she finds that set useless.

Have a good Monday, everyone!

("Who has two thumbs and is awesome?  This baby.")

(Photo from church after the service.)
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  1. What a beautiful family photo!! Evan has been enjoying his shadow lately too :) So cute to watch!

  2. She is too cute and funny! Does she play with her hair when she is tired? Waverly rubs her pigtail between her fingers when she's tired like in that pic of Ellie!


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