Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrating with Cake.

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Celebrations make me happy, and I love celebrating.... everything.  In the past year, along with Ellie's birthday, we've mini-celebrated various holidays and the anniversaries of her homecoming and heart surgery.  Matt and I are about to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement. We've celebrated various Ellie milestones, including the long-awaited "pull to sit."  Basically, I like making excuses to make every day special in some way.

I often try to do something little when we celebrate, and usually make a simple dessert.  With Ellie underfoot, my time in the kitchen can be limited, but today, I needed to do a little something to make our day special.

Ellie did not sleep last night.  No joke.  I got her out of her crib at midnight when she was sobbing, and she was so tired she kept falling asleep sitting up, then waking up and crying.  But she would not lie down.  At 1:30, Matt took her downstairs.  The two of them slept in the basement.

Matt deserves to be celebrated today, so he gets cake.  And despite her exhaustion, Ellie worked hard in her physical therapy session today, so we'll celebrate her, too.

When I was little, there was a cake my mom would make frequently.  I almost called her to get the recipe, but then I remembered watching her bake this cake.  The cake is chocolate, with layers of solid chocolate, and frosted with COOL WHIP Whipped Topping.  I hadn't eaten this particular cake in at least twenty years, and I've never made it myself, but I stepped into the kitchen with confidence to start baking.

The nice thing about this particular dessert is that you probably already have everything you need, and you can make it even if you're half asleep from a long night with a 13-month-old. 

I'm so confident you'll like this, I'm sharing.

You'll need:

1 tub of COOL WHIP Whipped Topping
1 box chocolate cake mix (and the ingredients listed on the box)
Melting chocolate (You can use any kind of chocolate, but I used semi-sweet.  You could probably use chocolate chips, too.)

This cake was a staple at almost every party during my childhood, and I can't believe I haven't eaten it in so long.  Making it was easy and fun.

STEP ONE: Bake your chocolate cakes into 8 inch or 9 inch rounds.  Either use the boxed cake mix or get all fancy and make them from scratch.  If you make cakes from scratch, I'm super impressed.  Let them cool.

STEP TWO: Slice your two cakes in half so that you now have four circular cakes.  This is the hardest part.  If you happen to break one, it's okay, because you can put it back together with your melted chocolate.  And the COOL WHIP frosting is fluffy, so it hides any cake imperfections.

STEP THREE: Melt your chocolate according to the package directions and spread it between the layers of cake you just cut apart, then reassemble the two round cakes.  Let it cool. 

If your layers aren't perfect, it's okay.  You'll cover everything with COOL WHIP and it'll look great!

STEP FOUR: Frost your cake with COOL WHIP between the two cakes, and all over.

STEP FIVE: Add any additional decor you want.  I added sprinkles, because they're festive.


And Mom, if you're reading this, you should seriously start making this cake again!

PS. I also think that adding some strawberries on top would be delicious. 

Approved by taste-tester Ellie.

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  1. YES, to strawberries, that might just make this dessert even more perfect!

  2. I hope Ellie is OK!! I might have to pick up some Cool Whip on my way home. We have reason to celebrate - Bella pulled to sit right in front of us and then did it at daycare, too (so not a fluke)!

  3. I totally would love to share a piece with Ellie.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that your post inspired me and I made this cake for my baby girls 1st birthday today. It was gorgeous and people raved about the way it tasted. I think I was a little nervous so I made it several hours before her birthday and then put it in the fridge. That resulted in the chocolate being super hard to cut through - so cutting the cake was quite the mess. But my husband said that he was requesting that cake for his birthday and everyone loved it.

    Moral of the story? Thanks for sharing. We loved it and it made this little day even more special.

  5. I just thought that I'd report back and let you know that my husband DID request this cake for his birthday. I made it for him and he loved it. Thanks again!


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