Monday, March 26, 2012

Witnessing Miracles, and Other Weekend Fun.

Charlotte came home on Saturday, and we had a little party at the airport.

(This balloon caused some tension among the kids.  Whoops!)

(Ellie and I waited patiently!)

(Sammi was SO good with Ellie while we waited!  I think she wanted to braid Ellie's pigtails here.)

Quick background: Kelly and Kyle just adopted Charlotte.  She's their first child, she's four, she's hilarious, she's in love with her parents, she likes dogs, and she has Down syndrome.  She was born in Eastern Europe.

And now, the photos you've been waiting for... and a huge "Thank You!" to those who helped grant Ellie's first birthday wish.

(Enthralled by the balloon.)

(Four kids + 1 balloon = Not smart, Megan.)

(Charlie and Liza.)

To watch this sweet girl interact with her parents, take her new country by storm, and walk around International Arrivals "talking" on her purple plastic cell phone... well, my heart is still in a puddle on the floor at Dulles.

With Charlotte's homecoming, I was reminded of an event one year ago Sunday - Ellie's homecoming post-NICU.  The three weeks she was in the NICU were the longest three weeks of my life, and yet the weeks between Ellie's first birthday and today have flown.

Matt and I celebrated with a date night to see "The Hunger Games."  Of course, I loved the movie.  I love the book.  In fact, go see the movie this week if you haven't yet.

And just for kicks, a few other scenes from earlier in the weekend, before the rain poured down. (Gotta love long runs in the rain.  Matt did his long run Saturday, I did mine Sunday.  Gross.)

Happy Monday.

And of course, "Happy Hunger Games.  May the odds be ever in your favor."

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  1. What an incredible weekend! And those swing pictures are just the cutest.

  2. Beautiful! So sorry I missed it! But I did get to share some french fries with the little princess later that night! Can't believe she is actually HOME!


  3. Awesome! What amazing people for savIng that little girl! Love your blog!

  4. LOVE this post!! Welcome home Charlotte!

  5. Great photos! Thank you for documenting Charlotte's homecoming :) I just finished reading the Hunger Games series, but I still need to see the movie.

  6. Tears! I love it! I love Charlotte's dress and her happy sweet smile. And that last shot of Ellie is quite possibly the best swing picture ever!!!

  7. Welcome home Charlotte! I love how Sammi kept her arm around Ellie while waiting. It's sweet to see them together. I haven't seen the Hunger Game movie yet, but I really enjoyed the books. I'm hoping to drag my husband out to see the movie next weekend, but we might try to wait till it's in the dollar theater.

  8. I love that you got to be there to welcome Charlotte home!

  9. I want to print out that photo of Sammi and Ellie together...*love*. Preciousness.

    Also so glad that Charlottle's home.

  10. I'm so happy to have been there!! Charlotte is beyond precious, and I'm absolutely thrilled for new parents, Kelly and Kyle!!! Thanks for letting Sammi babysit, Megan. Good to get some practice in early. :-)

  11. What wonderful news! I love the pictures and I am so happy she is home! Yay! Also, loved the Hunger Games books, loved the movie. It was fun to go see it. Now I want the next one! I hope it's warmer in DC than here in NJ was 30 degrees last night! Yuck!


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