Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up and Race Report.

Saturday morning kicked off at 4:15 am with a grumpy baby who now has a visible second tooth.

After that delightful wake-up call, we headed off to my race, which was a four miler.  The four mile distance is awesome, largely because I'd only raced it two other times, upping my chance for a PR.  Once, I ran with Matt's brothers back when we were engaged.  I placed in my age group.  (Oh, there were only about 10 people in my division.  But still, I placed.)  The second four miler was on Ellie's four month birthday. 

Yesterday, I ran a personal best and the dumbest race of my life.  The race started downhill.  I flew through that first mile, and ran the last mile a solid minute and twenty seconds slower than the first.  Whoops.  I ran 30:47, and was served Guinness at the finish line.

The weird thing about these short (less than 10 mile) races is that afterward, the day is still young.  We went out to breakfast and were still in the car by 11 am.  I also encountered a man in head to toe (including over the face) spandex.  His spandex suit was green with shamrocks.  I think I was one of three or four people not racing in green, shamrock-themed running attire.  I planned to at least wear a hat with a shamrock logo, but I couldn't find it.

Today, Ellie slept in until 5:15 thanks to the start of Daylight Savings Time.  I've always been told that babies sleep in for "spring ahead," but I think Ellie missed the memo.  We did have some lovely spring-like swing weather, however. 

After a birthday celebration for a friend, we decided to let Ellie try her new wagon.

She wasn't a fan.  The photos are the aftermath. 

Hope you all had happy, springy, swingy weekends!
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  1. Love seeing pictures of your girl!


  2. Congratulations on your personal best! And Ellie is adorable!

  3. That's really awesome about the race! I ran 3 miles on Saturday and it took me 45 minutes and I was dizzy with pride (and nausea). This running thing gets more fun as I get the hang of it.
    Hey! Vibram 5 fingers are hit here, as is minimal running. What do think of it? Do you run with vibrams?

  4. I like Ellie's outfit. She looks like Minnie Mouse:) Great job on your run!

    1. Hahah, I posted the pictures on facebook with that same caption!


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