Monday, March 12, 2012

Springing into Trouble.

My darling daughter has been attempting to open and empty every container in the house.  She's nothing but trouble and an absolute riot. 

For example...  Speech.

Ellie receives monthly speech therapy services.  I really like her speech therapist.  Ellie really likes her speech therapist.  But she will not vocalize for Miss Lisa.  She will smile.  She will shake with laughter.  She will not make noise.

When she grows up, Ellie might just be a mime.

Her speech silence is impressive.  However, Ellie will not shut up during developmental or physical therapy.  I think she knows that we want her to talk during speech, so she doesn't.

She does show her great sense of humor.  Miss Lisa said something like, "That's okay Ellie, because Ms. Megan tells me when you work on speech goals with her, and when you get up and walk across the room, I'll tell Ms. Megan."

Of course, Ellie tried to stand up immediately. 

We've been spending much of the day outside, with breaks for meals. 

Ellie just threw her straw cup off her high chair tray and into the wagon parked beside it.  That's my cue to take her back outside.
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  1. Super jealous. It is cold and very wet here AND I am without a car, so we can't even do a really "fun" trip to Costco or the grocery store.... Bleh! Ms. Ellie sure does sound like somebody else I know over here, though (minus the mad gross motor skills that Ellie has).

  2. Calvin seeks and destroys...also known as our tiny terrorist!

  3. Haha she is too funny! What a little smarty-pants. :)

  4. she is one smart cookie!


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