Saturday, March 3, 2012

Party Time.

I know I've been slacking a bit on the blog front, but the reasons are wonderful.  We have family in town, the cake pops are made, the house is (mostly) decorated, and we are ready to celebrate one year with our little munchkin.

Last night at dinner, our server said hi to Ellie, and then added, "Well you are just brand new to this world!"  We laughed, and told him that she is almost a year.  I don't think he believed it until he saw her put away a squeezy fruit packet, her own side of rice (I wanted to eat my own this time), and a good portion of my salmon.

Warning to parents: If you think that salmon is not a "fishy smelling" fish, you are wrong.  If your baby eats salmon with her hands, then rubs those hands all over her face and hair, she will smell like a salmon.  Salmon are not cute.  Or cuddly.  They stink.

We'll be taking care of some last minute party-prep soon, but first, I wanted to share our week in Instagram since I forgot yesterday.

(Party preview, swinging, eating a strawberry, cake pops, napping under the coffee table, baby in a box, baby cashed out, happy swinging, staying light later, party preview, walking in physical therapy, feeding Charlotte's cat.)

And one final thought from Ellie.

Dear Aunt Danielle,

Happy birthday!  I know last year, you thought we'd share a birthday, but I decided I wanted to be a day late, because I do not like sharing.  Even with you.  But you are awesome.

Love, Ellie

PS. The giveaway closes tomorrow night!
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  1. Happy party day Ellie! Enjoy your celebration! I almost shared a birthday with Ellie too...she really doesn't like sharing :-) I have a hate-hate relationship with cake pops right now! We are getting the "oh she's so tiny" a lot right now until they watch her devour her dinner. Can't wait to see party pics!

  2. Have a great party Ellie! You picked a wonderful day to party and you were the best late birthday present :) Love you little one!

  3. Big birthday! So exciting. Little Ellie is just getting cuter and cuter, even though I don't know how that's possible.


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