Saturday, March 3, 2012

Party Central {Photo Explosion.}

Today was a good, good day.

A huge thank you to my friends Kristy and Christina, who took the vast majority of these photos.  And to our families, who helped us out a ton.  And to Aunt Kitty and Aunt Tina for driving down from New York to celebrate.  And to every single person who has walked along this road with us, and who came over today to celebrate.

Baby girl can party.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The scene.
(Ellie helped set up on Friday.)

(Thanks Pinterest.  This one is here.)

(Party favors.)

(The table.)

(I love cake pops.)
The family.

Happy birthday, Ellie.

(To order super-amazing tutus/hats/onesies, email Vicki.)

The friends.  This is such a small number of our guests, but this is a fun little one of three little almost-one-and-one-year-olds.

Here's to ONE!
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  1. So much fun! I LOVE Ellie's little outfit and top hat. She's so tiny! She looks so small in the photos that it's hard to believe that she and Cora are about the same size (although C may be 1/4" taller!) Happy Birthday, Ellie!

  2. So fun! Happy Birthday Ellie, from Calvin!

  3. Happy birthday Ellie!!!!! Love her hat and matching tutu!!!!

  4. OH Happy Day! Love the photos. You did an outstanding job of decorating, and making food. Hooray to mommy and daddy! (who the first celebration is really for) May you continue to party like a rock star in the years to come! Happy 1st Ellie.

  5. Omgosh, LOVE her little outfit!! Party looks like it was absolutely PERFECT! Happy Birthday, Ellie!!

  6. We had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us to come celebrate with your beautiful, BIG girl! Got some pics going up on my blog this week, too. :-)

  7. Happy birthday Ellie! Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the cupcake pictures and the last pic with friends. I guess there must've been something really interesting on the ground...LOL.

  8. So glad she had a great party! Happy birthday tomorrow!

  9. Happy birthday Ellie! Looks like it was a great party - I LOVE her hat! It's been sweet to read all your posts getting ready for the big day.

  10. Looks amazing!! I love pinterest too.. it's making parties everywhere look like you hired a planner. :) Happy Birthday little Sunshine!

  11. Happy Birthday Ellie! I love the pictures and I am happy she enjoyed her cupcake. The party looks beautiful. Don't know how you do it all!!!


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