Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marathons, Gross Motor Skills, and Anticipating a Good Day.

Before I forget, I've been meaning to share something.

Remember how I posted about Antoinette and Angela, two women with Down syndrome training to run the LA Marathon?  They did it!  They both finished 26.2 miles!

(It's okay to stop here and do a happy dance.)

I may or may not have been obsessively checking the "runner tracking" all day to watch their progress.

Onto my own future runner, who is working on her gross motor skills right now.  I thought I was smart, getting Ellie to cruise between two storage cubes in our living room.  Ellie is smarter, and crawled between them, then stood up to get her precious keys.

She cruised on the second try, through.

Yesterday was a rough day.  Nothing huge happened, but I had to take a broken laptop to the Apple store (I love the Apple store), and Ellie refused to sleep in the stroller, or in her crib, or in our bed.  She finally took a nap around 5:45 pm, which was of course too late, but I just let her sleep. 

Yesterday was a colder day, and felt entirely too much like a Monday.

Before you think yesterday was completely awful, Ellie received a smiley face in therapy.  Are you ready?

I said, "Ellie, hand Mama the ball," and Ellie handed me the ball!  If you're a regular reader, or you know my child, this is a little miracle, especially on a less-than-stellar day.

But today is a new day.  Ellie is currently "practicing" Easter eggs.  She's been working on finding objects hidden in boxes as part of her object permanence skills, so I thought I'd try out a few Cheerios in a plastic egg.  We're ready for the Easter Bunny!

(Speaking of the Easter Bunny, I am making "Peeps Pops."  So excited.  I got the idea here.)

I am anticipating a good day today.  Ellie has physical therapy.  I'm picking up that hopefully-no-longer-quite-so-broken laptop.  We have a play date.  We plan to swing, slide, and laugh.

Here's to a great Wednesday!
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  1. Whoo hoo Ellie on handing mama the ball!

  2. Good job Ellie! Thanks for the video. I love seeing her in motion. Wishing you guys a good day! (Wish you could join us at the pool!)


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