Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hanging Around with my Friend.

Hi guys, it's Ellie.  I want to tell you about my day yesterday.

My friend Parker came over to play.  Since I am a big older baby, and she is a little young baby, I had to teach her some stuff.  I'm helpful like that.  My mom said I couldn't teach her yelling and screaming, so I taught my friend about the park.

First, I had to teach baby Parker about sand.  Sand is yummy and squishy.  That baby didn't eat the sand. I guess she has weird taste, because I ate the sand and it was great. 

("This is my friend.  Isn't she cute?")

("Hey Parker, look what I can do!")

Then, I taught baby Parker about swings.  My mom said, "Ellie, share."  I said I'd share but only for a little bit.

Parker liked the swing, too.  People kept telling us that we're really cute.  Those were some smart people.

("First, you have to get Mommy to push you really high.")

("Isn't swinging awesome?")

After Parker and I shared, then I got to swing by myself, super high.  Parker's mommy called me an adrenaline junkie baby. I really like my friend.  I do not like it when my mommy holds my friend, though.  I have to say, "Hey, Mommy, I'm your baby!"  And she says, "Ellie, I love you, and I am just holding this other baby."  And I say, "Unacceptable behavior!"

("Flying high.  Because that's what one year old babies can do.")

Mommy says that we're supposed to have a nice day, so maybe I can go to the swings again and go reaaaalllllly high.  I hope all you other babies have fun, too.  Let me know if you want to come over and share a swing!

Love, Ellie

PS. I learned a new trick.

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  1. Ellie, that sounds like an awesome day. :)

  2. Ellie, very soon you can teach Charlotte ALL about how to swing!

  3. I want to swing!!! Great job on the crusing!

  4. your daughter is just gorgeous! Love your photos! Katie

  5. Tag, you're along if you will

  6. I used to put my twins in the swing like that :)

  7. Catching up on my Ellie time. Love her in the swing! PS My Melodie was listing very intently to all Ellie's sounds.

  8. Dear Ellie,
    I had a blast playing with you the other day! Thank you for teaching me all about sand and swinging. I shared what I learned about swinging with my friends Anderson and Clara - they loved it too!! I can't wait to play again soon.


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