Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Love.

Friday Love #1: I'm going to get a mani/pedi with one of my best friends today.  Ellie is coming with us.  Relaxation levels may be slightly impacted by Ellie, but hopefully she'll provide good entertainment.

Friday Love #2: Yesterday, I posted about Ellie's fork "issues."  As in, she thinks the fork is best used as a projectile.  At breakfast today, she decided that forks might be okay.  In the future, I may post a long list of "things Ellie can't do," because she seems set on proving me wrong.

Friday Love #3: Guess where I'm going tomorrow?  I'm off to the airport to finally meet Charlotte!  She'll be home with her mommy and daddy tomorrow night, probably a bit jet-lagged, but home!  Thanks to everyone who gave, prayed, and shared to make it possible.

Friday Love #4: Instagram dump.  Please note the sign in the top row.  I didn't figure out how poop saves elephants, but I plan to find out next time we're at the zoo.

(Idea stolen from Kelle.  Kelle's photos are way better, though.  I'm meganlando on Instagram for anyone too impatient to wait until Fridays.)

Friday Love #5: High of 80 degrees.  Like everyone else around here, I'll be spending as much time outside as possible before this fake-out summer ends.

Got any big weekend plans?  What are you loving today?
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  1. Hooray for awesome fork skills!!! Wow, that was amazing! Btw, I might still see you guys at the airport tomorrow. :-)

    How'd the mani-pedi go? I was never brave enough to do that with Samantha. She would've driven me crazy. But since you had a friend with you, I'm sure it was easier.

    1. Mani/Pedi verdict: We traded who had mani, who had pedi first. When Christina got her toes done and Ellie sat with her, Ellie was an angel. When it was Mommy's turn, Ellie was bored, and was less of an angel. I did mess up one toe running it over with the stroller, but not bad. (Oh, and it was a groupon-type deal, so no huge loss!)

  2. Enjoy your mani pedi! And Becca - for some reason I think Sammi would LOVE a mani-pedi! I have a great lady who does them in her home (not sketch, totally professional, and an awesome pedi chair) - you should give her a try! A lot of my friends bring their kids with them when they go to her!


  3. Number two is true no matter what the age. Kids never want to show skills they've been doing and are always ready to prove you wrong when you say they can't. Good job Elle! Prsying for a safe trip for Charlotte and her family. So happy they are finally coming home.

  4. At 2 Claire still uses her fork as a projectile! :)

  5. We have the same fork problem here! YAY for the new skills!!!!


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