Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Babies Attack.

Hopefully, I am providing a laugh for your day.

My kid is the attacking baby.  She's almost 10 months older than her victim.  Also, less well-behaved and significantly more mobile.

Sorry about the poor picture quality, I was trying to show the size comparison, and as soon as I held up my phone, Ellie dove in to attack the other baby.  Not nice, Ellie, not nice at all.


PS. You may notice that Charlotte's button is gone from the right sidebar of the blog.  We still love her and her parents (in fact, we had brunch with them on Sunday) but since they are now fully funded, I've decided to feature a different family for awhile.  Lina is in the process of coming home to the Livingston family.  You can read their story here.
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  1. So what exactly IS the size comparison? I recently found out my 3 month old nephew weights the exact same amount as Cora (as of yesterday, that is. Thank the Lord she is putting her weight back on and will likely be back up to her full 17 pound stature soon!)

  2. I'm also curious about the size comparison! Do you have a side by side?

    1. Sadly, no side-by-side in order to preserve the safety of the babies involved... I'll work on getting one, though!

  3. that is NOT a baby attack - that is how almost 1 yr olds snuggle and show love! (also how they use others as something to grip to get somewhere else)
    Lisa (and Eli)

    1. Ellie hugs are sooo violent! She goes straight for the eyes!


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