Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Village.

Forgive me if I get a little gushy for the next few weeks.  Ellie is nearly one year old, and just before her first birthday, we'll celebrate the six month anniversary of her heart surgery.  I think that's reason enough to be a bit emotional, but many people have accompanied us in this journey with Down syndrome, and all of them deserve a huge "Thank You!" 

Next week, we're saying "thanks" with a big giveaway.  This week, I'm simply sharing some ways in which others have come alongside us to be part of the "village" raising our child. 

Our families have loved Ellie and spoiled her rotten.  (Seriously.  The only toys we've purchased for her were Christmas gifts from us.  Yet our living room, our basement, and Ellie's room resemble Toys R Us.)  Various family members have donated to the Buddy Walk, done the virtual Buddy Walk, given Christmas money to our local Down syndrome organization, and given to Charlotte's homecoming.  Those actions speak loudly, and show that you value our little girl.

We have friends who have provided meals, listening ears, support, and advice on raising a child.  Thank you to the friends who keep me grounded and help me not to stress to stress less about milestones.  Thank you to every friend who has cheered for Ellie's accomplishments.  Thank you to everyone who has listened and learned about special education, inclusion, and therapy.

When we learned about Ellie's diagnosis, we worried that our world would become smaller.  Instead, we've met more people, and Ellie makes new friends wherever we go.  Now that she can wave back at people, they are instantly charmed. 

From the cards at Ellie's baby shower to the kind comments when you see Ellie, I've treasured your positive comments more than you know.  I've also treasured the way your kids treat our daughter, because they see her just like any other baby.

You are all awesome, and you deserve to know it.

Gush over.  For now.
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  1. It's hard not to get sentimental as her birthday approaches. I'm amazed at how large our world has gotten....there are so many amazing people! What adorable pics!!!

  2. Oh, gosh, I totally get it. :-) LOVE her!!!


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