Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Event Roundup.

Happy Valentine's Day! Our little Valentine is a bit under the weather today, but we've still been celebrating a bit, and have celebrated throughout the week with fun activities.

(Sick and grumpy.)

(Hugs and Kisses!)


(Just ridin' on my parachute.)

Party time:  On Saturday, we attended a Valentine-themed birthday party for one of our favorite two year-olds.  The highlight of the party was a ride on a giant parachute for the kids, including a solo ride for the birthday girl.  As you may remember, Ellie is a huge parachute fan from early intervention, so she rode along with the "big kids."

(Pile of kids on a parachute.)

(Happy birthday, friend!)
During the party, Ellie was eating crackers and double fisting them.  I gave her a bit of frosting from my cupcake, and she looked at her crackers with disgust, looked at me, and signed, "more."  I cannot wait to let Ellie go face-first into birthday cake in just a few weeks.


Non-Valentine related, but awesome: For anyone who wants to understand hyperflexibility associated with low muscle tone in children with Down syndrome, this out-of-focus picture is worth a thousand words.

Future yoga teacher? Another suggestion was hockey goalie.  (Thanks, James!)


Crashing a romantic dinner: On Sunday night, my amazing husband sent me out of the house.  While I went to Target and Barnes and Noble, Matt set the table with our china, fed Ellie, and cooked a nice dinner.  He put a jazz station on Pandora.  He wore a suit.  He made origami flowers.  He knocked it out of the park.

His plan was to get Ellie to go to bed early, or play quietly before bedtime like she normally does around 7:30 pm.

Ellie did not like Matt's plan one bit, and felt left out.  We tried Cheerios.  She wasn't interested.  We tried "Baby Signing Time." (Side note to all parents: This DVD teaches your kid sign language and usually keeps them occupied.)  Ellie crawled right over to the dinner table and sat beside my chair as Matt and I laughed at her and she watched her DVD from a distance.  Nothing says romance quite like jazz mixed with the sounds of "Diaper Dance."


The Best Valentine Ever: If you've been following Charlotte's story, go this post from her mama.  All that's left is bringing her home, which will cost one more set of round trip tickets to Eastern Europe, and a one-way ticket for Miss Charlotte.


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Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. You are right. . . nothing says romance like the Diaper Dance song. That song gets into our heads all the time.

  2. Oh, love her red tights today!!! And can Matt please show me how to make those origami flowers? Fantastic!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Wow...Matt really went out! I'm impressed! Sorry that Ellie didn't quite cooperate! She is so cute!

  4. Your husband is a rock star!! Lucky lady. Beautiful child amazing husband. You are beyond blessed.

  5. Those origami flowers really are beautiful. I hope they aren't too hard to make because now I want to look it up :). What a beautiful Valentine's Day :)

  6. wow Ellie is getting so big!! I can't believe she is almost 1!


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