Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spur of the Moment Zoo Trip.

Have I mentioned that I love where we live?

Yesterday, Matt, Ellie and I were in the car, driving downtown to go to "whatever museum has parking nearby," when we decided to go to the zoo instead.  We quickly assessed the diaper bag and backseat and determined that we had multiple blankets, baby mittens, a hoodie, and socks. 

("Hey parents, I can't get my socks off with these mittens on my hands!")

(Hey, toucan!)

With Ellie's teething sniffles and grumpiness, an outdoor escape was ideal.  Of course, Ellie spent the first half of our zoo adventure napping.  A roaring lion ended the nap.  No joke, he was loud.  We headed away from the lion to less ferocious animals, and Ellie's mood improved greatly.

(The king of the jungle needs naps, too.)

(Just hanging out, like lions do.)

(Ellie prefers prairie dogs to lions.  They have smaller teeth and don't roar.)

PS#1.  Go check out Charlotte's blog.  Her mommy just updated.  Grab a tissue first.

PS#2.  I promise I'll only ask once.  In fact, deep down, I think it's cheesy.  But then I thought, if I get more blog followers from winning an "inspirational" contest, that's good for next time I share the story of a child with Down syndrome being adopted from Eastern Europe.  So click on over here and vote for "My Stubborn Little Miss."  (You can vote every 24 hours, if you're the type to vote early and often.)  The truth is, my family is NOT inspiring.  It's pretty normal.  But we have a tough little baby, and she will be an advocate, I'm sure.

PS#3. You can't copy pictures anymore, and you may have noticed a huge, annoying watermark.  Sadly, there are people in this world who are not honest and who don't read the copyright message.  I don't want to stop posting photos of Ellie, so now, you get a big huge watermark with the blog address listed.
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  1. As always Ellie is adorable! I am hoping to get my family up to the Zoo this spring/summer.

    I think I saw on babycenter a while back a post on how to disable the copy feature on blogs. Is it easy? could you message me the directions if you have them? Thanks!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. We have to get to the zoo soon!

  3. It's funny, all the years we lived a block from the zoo, we didn't actually go there all that much. Then again, we were childless at the time, which makes a *huge* difference...

    Beautiful day!!

  4. So you warned me about Charlotte's blog. 500 really??? Such an adorable baby that has become a beautiful little girl!!!

    Beautiful zoo pictures. We are hoping to go again before it gets too hot.


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