Friday, February 24, 2012

"Small Things with Great Love."

There's a quote from Mother Teresa I've seen often.  "We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love."

I can't change the situation for children with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe.

I can't save them.  I can't go pull them out of orphanages or institutions and bring them home. 

But I can tell you about one.  And I can tell you about the need for funds and awareness.  And we can all give just a little bit of money, with a whole lot of love.

And Charlotte can come home.

The other morning, Kelly told me that they were $29.04 away from full funding.  Someone I love very much said she wouldn't let that amount stand in the way.  And now, Kyle and Kelly are fully funded.

On March 24, they bring their little girl home.  I hope to be at the airport.  The following day will mark one year since our own little girl came home from the NICU.

Tomorrow will mark six months since open heart surgery.

We are in a better place than we could have expected.  We are celebrating a little girl who is about to turn one.  As I write this, she is feeding herself leftover meatballs.  She is crawling and pulling to a stand.  I know she won't be walking or speaking her first words in the next two weeks.  And that is completely okay, because I know Ellie.  In fact, she is a small thing with great love.

The DC area is experiencing a little taste of spring today, with warmer weather and rain.  Ellie and I logged five miles with the BOB this morning, and she was an angel. We've been busy crafting and party planning, but we took a break to hit the swings before the storm arrived.

("These steps have holes.  Weird.")

("I showed you my tooth last time.  No more!")

Enjoy your Friday.

(Idea taken from Kelle.  I'm "meganlando" on Instagram.  And the best phone dump ever is right here.)

PS. Any additional funds left in Charlotte's grant after she's home will be given to another waiting child.  And if you're looking for another amazing adoption story to follow, check this one out.
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  1. That's my girl, Ellie! Going towards the wine rack :)

    1. And THAT is why the wine rack is now in the basement!

  2. I cried when I read I read that Charlotte is fully funded! I'm so excited for them! I have to ask, what did you use to get the circles to stay on the cups?

    1. They are label papers from staples, so they're sticky to begin with!

  3. awwwwww thanks so much for linking to us! <3 We too can't wait until Charlotte gets home- I'm wondering if I will be able to slip down to the airport myself!


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